Thread Face Lift Procedures That Are Available In Singapore

Thread Lift Procedures That Are Available In Singapore


If you haven’t heard, thread lifts are like a lease of life for ageing skin. Hollywood’s answer to lifted, tighter faces, Thread Lifts are being used the world over to help both men and women counter sagging and look – years younger.

Traditionally, the only way to fix droopy jowls and cheeks was a surgical facelift. Now with the option of Thread Lifts on the table, patients have a middle ground where they can get facial rejuvenation and skin firmness without going under the knife. 

Thread Lift Procedures That Are Available In Singapore

What Is A Thread Lift?

A thread lift involves the insertion of small barbed sutures underneath the skin to combat sagging. Facial thread lifts are fuss-free procedures done usually under 30 minutes, with little to no downtime at all.Thread Lifts are immensely popular due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment that gives a face lifting effect sans surgery. 

Thread lifts are also longer lasting in comparison to other cosmetic treatments. This is because they come with a collagen stimulating effect that helps to further enhance and prolong the benefit of the lift.

Types of Thread Lifts in Singapore

Thread lifts come in different varieties based on the material used, tensile strength and design of the thread.The most common ones include PDO and Silhouette threads which are both approved by the FDA. 

Some of the threads currently used for cosmetic purposes include:

  • Polydioxanone (PDO) – commonly used as sutures for surgery, PDO threads help stimulate collagen production in your skin, and work well to provide the architectural structure that results in firming it, well after the threads have dissolved. 
  • Poly-L-Lactic Acid (Silhouette Instalift) – makes use of the same material as Sculptra, and is even more effective at stimulating collagen. It also comes with long lasting benefits of up to 2 years. As with PDO threads, Collagen production continues for a few more months even after the threads have dissolved. 
  • Polycaprolactone (PCL) – is also used for surgical sutures, but can last up to 3 years. PCL threads come infused with Vitamin C which is slowly delivered to the surrounding tissues to further prevent pigmentation and provide an anti-aging effect.

How Does A PDO Thread Lift Enhance Features?

As with the type of threads used, thread lift treatments also differ based on the technique used by the doctor and the part of the face where it is performed. 

Infinity Instalift is a carefully constructed Thread Lift treatment designed specifically for the face and the neck. Often called the king of non-surgical facelifts, Infinity Instalift delivers a natural looking facelift that repositions droopy facial tissues to younger looking, lifted skin. PDO, bi-absorbable threads are used during this procedure but the benefit lasts well after they dissolve.  Infinity Instalift also stimulates a matrix of natural collagen that creates a natural scaffolding. This ensures that you get the benefit of a lift naturally and for a long time after the threads dissolve. 

Infinity V Lift is a version of the same procedure that is used specifically to lift and shape the lower face aka give you the coveted V-shaped face. It is ideal for those looking to contour and reduce jowls and saggy skin on the face, especially the lower part.

Infinity Rejuvenation on the other hand is the use of the same procedure but to erase lines. If you are seeking rejuvenation for your face, especially for weakened areas such as nasolabial folds, nasojugal lines and other sunken areas, Infinity threads can cleverly cover all of that. While building a structure or scaffolding for new collagen production that lifts and supports facial tissues, this process helps to slow down aging, and thereby gives skin the suppleness it deserves!  

Infinity Brow & Forehead Lift as the name suggests is the use of thread lift to elevate the brows and hence open up the eyes. By elevating and repositioning the eyebrows to a more optimal position, this Face thread lift opens up our eyes, and consequently makes one look younger and perkier! 

Now if you are looking to enhance your nose bridge and its tip, the Infinity Nose Lift is the way to go. Often called a lunch-time nose job, this quick and long lasting procedure creates support for a more lifted and chiseled nose shape. Think a subtly pointed nose, with height and definition built-in and visible — almost instantly!

Infinity thread lifts can also be applied to the sensitive neck area. Infinity Neck Lift is used to lift and firm sagging necks and jawlines. Ideal for those looking to tighten a double chin and other loose skin around the neck area, the neck lift can take years off your entire persona.

Should I Opt For Fillers Or A Thread Lift?

A common question to doctors, the choice between using a Filler or Thread Lift lies in what users are looking to achieve. Fillers have been around longer than facial thread lifts and many people are just comfortable using them over a period of time. 

Typically, fillers volumnise a specific area and also give it a mild lift but will require you to keep coming back for touch-ups. A thread lift on the other hand, tightens and lifts the entire face and is a one-time procedure that gives a moderate lift. 

Fillers are truly quick tweakments and need only about 10-15 minutes while Thread lifts can set you back by 30-60 minutes. However, the results for each also differ in terms of longevity. Dermal fillers last between 6-12 months while thread lifts can easily give you a lifted effect for close to 2 years. 

In terms of the invasiveness of each, dermal fillers are mere injections that provide instant rejuvenation. When poorly administered these can result is lumps or a puffy, overdone face. Thread lifts are a more invasive procedure in comparison and need a local anaesthetic. Poorly performed thread lifts can lead to threads migrating or not holding skin in place. 

With all skin treatments, make sure to shop around for the best doctor you can afford as skill set and experience matter highly when it comes to both treatments. Your doctor may also recommend using both Fillers and Thread Lifts as complementary procedures to give you the effect you are seeking.

Is It Cheaper To Get Thread Lift Procedures Done Outside Of Singapore?

While it may be cheaper to get a thread lift outside of Singapore, this procedure requires a high skill level, so you should be shopping for experience rather than discounts. Whether it’s the way the threads are inserted or the position to give you the right contouring, a skilled doctor will take your procedure to an optimal level. Also, keep in mind that while the risk levels are low, they aren’t zero. This is why you need the expertise and infrastructure of a medical clinic, to manage and contain any side effects or infections.

Singapore as a city, has some of the best medical facilities and doctors in the world and this is why a number of people fly in to have cosmetic treatments done on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the success of your thread lift lies in the hands of your doctor, therefore if getting a thread lift in Singapore is more convenient for you, why look elsewhere?

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