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3 aesthetic treatments for men to look good


When it comes to vanity, it’s all too common to point the finger at the fairer sex. That may be the case years ago but today men too are discovering for themselves the benefits of aesthetic treatments and are more open than before in seeking out an aesthetic doctor to treat some of their not so desired areas.

Here are the 3 popular aesthetic treatments that men are interested in to enhance their appearance.

#1 Facial Fillers

While we may agree that men generally (unfairly) age better than women, we can’t deny the fact that aging does not escape our male counterparts completely. It’s only natural to lose volume in specific areas of the face, such as the temples and undereye areas that make for a tired, sallow appearance.

Fillers are great for filling out such areas, to give your facial features a little lift without much downtime.

Fillers can also be used to give men a more defined, chiselled jawline or a higher, straighter nose for a more proportionate face.

#2 Pico Smooth

For those with persistent acne scars, you’d be pleased to know that you need not have to live with them. Pico Smooth uses picosecond technology to lift facial scars without causing trauma to the epidermis. This encourages the production of new collagen beneath the skin’s surface and smoothen acne-damaged skin. This treatment ensures the surface of the skin isn’t damaged with short downtime compared to ablative lasers. Most patients also find Pico Smooth to be a generally comfortable procedure, perfect for the pain-phobes.

Any redness from the treatment is expected to last between several hours for milder treatments, to two to three days for more aggressive scar treatments. Any discolouration can be easily concealed and you can return to work the next day!

#3 Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

Sometimes no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, you still have stubborn areas that get in the way of helping you achieve the sculpted body that you desire. Magnetic Muscle Sculpting is an exceptionally useful procedure that is based on the principle of electro-magnetic induction to stimulate the contraction of a group of muscles, which in turn can help to improve the tone and definition of the treated area.

Painless and quick, Magnetic Muscle Sculpting can be used on abdominal muscles to accelerate a sixpack or even on the gluteal muscles to tone and shape up the buttocks.

This treatment is not to be mistaken for a weight loss solution and works best for those who are already engaged in an active lifestyle coupled with a well-balanced diet.



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