5 Popular Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments Every Man Should Consider

5 Popular Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments Every Man Should Consider


Real men take care of themselves. Gone are the days where questionable hygiene or an indifference to skincare was seen as masculine. Whether it’s your career, dating scene or an upcoming event, men need to shine and make the effort to look good. 

While more men are taking the initiative to indulge in grooming, when it comes to aesthetic procedures many don’t realise that there are a variety of effective and minimally-invasive treatments that can improve their skin, hair and body dramatically. 

Take heed – these non-invasive treatments are popular for a reason. Quick, with little downtime and the ability to make a real difference to your life, every man should consider getting them done!

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

Hitting the gym consistently and yet a 6-pack remains a faraway dream? Plenty of men (and women) worldwide are embracing Magnetic Muscle Sculpting as a means to sculpt and define muscles.  

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting uses the latest Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) to improve the tone of treated muscles. Functional magnetic stimulation directly activates motor neurons which results in contraction of the muscle and hence makes them taut.  

Besides its muscular effects, this direct nerve stimulation by FMS also increases cell metabolism and perineural circulation.

What results can one expect from Magnetic Muscle Sculpting? Other than accelerating the creation of a six pack, you can look forward to toning of your glutes, and improving the strength and tone of Kegel muscles. A 15-30 minutes (per area) procedure, there is literally no downtime to this treatment and it can even be done while you are wearing your own clothes! 

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Before you spit your coffee at the thought of men getting Botox done, we’ll have it known that these injections of goodness remain a top favourite for men and women across the world. Whether it’s about taking years off your face, or ridding you of migraines, teeth grinding issues and even excessive sweating, Botox is the miracle drug everyone is using and one you should consider too.

Botox is derived from a purified protein and smoothes out lines by preventing muscles from contracting into a wrinkle. Just a few drops are injected via a tiny needle into the muscle, thereby blocking nerve impulses that cause these contractions. As a result of this, stimulation to the muscle weakens and lines gradually soften, making way for a refreshed, younger look. If you are worried about time, this treatment takes less than an hour and can be easily done during your lunch hour. 


Where there is Botox, can Fillers be far behind? Depending on what you are hoping to achieve, doctors sometimes will recommend fillers instead of anti wrinkle injections such as Botox. Dermal fillers work by treating ageing, sagging and wrinkled skin. So, whether it’s your nose, cheek, chin or overall rejuvenation you are after, Fillers can offer natural-looking and instant results. 

Also because Fillers are commonly made of hyaluronic acid, (an ingredient naturally found in the skin), they are accepted by the body as natural and can restore moisture into the skin to give it a plump and hydrated appearance. Like any injectables, when it comes to fillers remember that less is more, especially if a natural looking appearance is what you are after! Insist on subtle changes so you look just like yourself – but younger and a tad plumper! Not happy with the results? Hyaluronic Acid fillers are reversible and should you not be happy with the effect, you can easily have them dissolve with hyaluronidase. 

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Pico Smooth

One of the most common skin ailments amongst men in Singapore, acne scars are hard to resolve. This is why groundbreaking treatments that help to smoothen out scars such as Pico Smooth are gaining momentum and popularity. 

The Pico Smooth treatment uses a fractionated picosecond laser instead of the carbon dioxide laser to smoothen out acne scars. This means that unlike a carbon dioxide laser which needs to be judiciously used in darker skin individuals, Pico Smooth can offer the same dramatic treatment, with significantly lower risks.

FDA cleared for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles, Pico Smooth’s photoacoustic beam creates pressure waves that initiate an enhanced inflammatory healing response, that results in an increased production of collagen and elastin. 

It is this ability to stimulate bursts of collagen that result in smoothening of acne scars and refinement of pores – perfect for those of you looking for a glassy skin effect!

Revage 670 

Losing hair and don’t know what to do about it? Another hugely popular aesthetic treatment for men, the Revage 670 laser is an FDA -approved laser therapy that utilises Rotational PhotoTherapy to rejuvenate thinning hair. One of the newest breakthroughs in non-surgical hair restoration, Revage 670 

The Revage 670 Laser provides enhanced blood flow that stimulates dormant hair follicles into an ‘active growth phase’. It also encourages cellular and tissue regeneration for thicker and more durable hair shafts. 

If you have scattered hair loss or what is called a diffuse pattern of thinning along with general weakening of hair, Revage 670 can help to thicken the shafts. Men who are starting to witness hair thinning should also consider the therapy so it can make their hair fuller and prevent further thinning and baldness. Clinically proven with up to 40% increase in hair density and thickness and a whopping 85% success rate in halting progression of hair loss, Revage 670 is here to stay. Technology backed by numbers – isn’t that what every man wants!

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