5 Popular Aesthetic Treatments That Do Not Require Surgery In Singapore

5 Popular Aesthetic Treatments That Do Not Require Surgery In Singapore


If you thought 2019 was big on non surgical aesthetic treatments, wait till you hear the outlook on 2020! This year, consumers are expected to embrace the trend on non invasive treatments with even more vigour. The surge will be further fuelled by a number of new treatments, techniques and innovative products that’ll be introduced through the year. And as consumers slowly recognise that changes are possible through non surgical methods, you’ll  see more aesthetic clinics and beauty spas offering options to keep up with the demand. 

If you too would like to enhance your facial features and skin health with the help of non surgical aesthetic procedures, read on. Effective and using cutting-edge technology, these 5 popular treatments in Singapore provide the results you are seeking without the need for surgery. 

#1 Fillers

And we aren’t talking about old school dermal fillers here. Gone are the days of overdone lip jobs or puffy faces, the fillers from this era are subtle and made with effective ingredients. With more millennials opting for natural-looking treatments that maintain a youthful appearance, fillers made of natural ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid are all the rage. Hyaluronic acid gels work by enhancing your skin’s own stock of hyaluronic acid, directly adding volume to either soften the signs of aging or enhance your features. What’s more, they can be used to work on a range of ailments such as wrinkles, restoring volume to lips, sculpting your cheeks and double chin removal as well as skin rejuvenation. 

For the most cutting edge filler experience, try Profhilo, which comes with one of the highest concentrations of stabilised hyaluronic acid on the market. This filler is injected just underneath the surface of the skin so it spreads easily and provides instant hydration. Profhilo releases hyaluronic acid slowly over a month thereby reducing any inflammatory response in the skin and offering positive effects longer than  usual fillers.

#2 Thread Lifts

Non-surgical thread lifts produce noticeable results without going under the knife. By placing small sutures or threads under the skin, a thread lift can boost collagen, lift sagging skin, contour the jawline, and lift the area around the mouth and neck. The procedure uses bio-absorbable PDO threads that dissolve under the skin with results visible almost immediately and even more so over the next few months as your body produces more collagen. Thread lifts can be done for skin lifting, facial shaping and nose defining benefits but they can also be combined with other aesthetic procedures such as fillers and resurfacing lasers for enhanced results. Want a V-shaped face? Plenty of patients opt for n V lift to slim and contour the lower face and jawline thereby tightening jowls and saggy skin. 

#3 Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

Working on that six pack with no real results? More and more people around the world are now embracing technology to compliment their efforts at the gym. Magnetic Muscle Sculpting uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation to improve muscle tone and definition. Functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) of peripheral nerves and muscles is based on the principle of electro-magnetic induction. Functional magnetic stimulation directly activates motor neurons which results in contraction of the muscle or a group of muscles. In the aesthetic setting, Functional Magnetic Stimulation can be used to sculpt and define abdominal muscles and accelerate six pack creation, tone up gluteal muscles to lift and shape the buttocks as well as improve the strength and tone of Kegel muscles to tighten pelvic floor.

#4 Thermage

There comes a point in everyone’s life when it’s hard to ignore the obvious signs of aging, whether it’s the fine lines around your eyes or saggy skin. Thermage is a premium non-surgical skin rejuvenation and tightening procedure that makes the use of radiofrequency waves to help with sagging skin. Thermage penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate your body’s natural renewal of collagen, resulting in skin tightening and contouring. The fact that Thermage is the only system which is FDA-approved for non-invasive treatment of the eyelids, makes it another reason to invest in this popular groundbreaking treatment. And if you are worried about post treatment healing, remember that unlike other procedures, such as a surgical facelift or threadlift, Thermage requires absolutely no incisions or downtime from daily activities.

#5 BBL

For those looking to rejuvenate their skin, reduce brown spots, erase broken capillaries and smoothen rough skin texture, the upgraded version of a traditional IPL is a technological boon. BBL is a next generation Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, that uses short blasts of high-intensity light to produce younger-looking skin that’s firmer and more even toned. Perfect as a quick-fix procedure that needs no downtime, the treatment helps to rejuvenate and restore your skin to a youthful glow. BBL stimulates new collagen to form in the skin thereby reducing fine lines, minimizing pore size and acne scars, and increasing skin elasticity. Should you be a long time Rosacea sufferer, know that Intense pulsed light also diminishes flushing or redness of the face associated with Rosacea and brown spots.

Risks of non invasive treatments and where to get them done

No one wants a sub optimal experience for their skin – remember that’s when aesthetic treatments truly go wrong! As with any treatment, it is important to always do your research without falling prey to discounts or coupons that promise high quality aesthetics at a low price. While the risk associated with non invasive treatments is low, the efficacy of the procedure lies in the hands of your doctor. You heard that right. Despite being non surgical in nature, these treatments should only be handled by an experienced doctor who is trained to handle different skin types. 

It is also equally important to go with a clinical setting so you are assured of the quality of fillers, machines and lasers used. This ensures you get a post care plan including any medication that may be needed.

While choosing your aesthetician, ensure that they have been trained on the specific procedure you are after and also carry the latest technology for effective skin care. For instance, Hyaluronic Acid fillers should always be administered by a trained, medically qualified doctor. Doctors at the leading SW1 Clinic in Singapore are certified master trainers by Q-Med and Allergan. SW1 Clinic is also at the forefront of new technologies and offers one of the widest range of FDA approved lasers, ultrasound and radiofrequency aesthetic technology in Singapore. Latest technology marries experienced professional skills – just the right kind of aesthetic help we need!

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