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Why Treat Something When You Can Tweak It?


Everytime we have a form of ailment like a cough or fever, we go to the doctor to see treatment to alleviate our condition. The fact that we already need treatment actually mean the damage has already been dealt, so that’s not exactly good news. Where beauty and skincare is concerned, we these days need to take a pre-emptive approach before the real poop really hits the fan.

Welcome all of you to the world of… #Tweakments.

A tweak is defined as a minute adjustment that is made to improve a mechanism or system. The mechanism and system in this case is our precious skin. When a tweak is made to something, it’s usually to enhance the quality of what’s already pretty much in place. There usually is little to no damage, maybe just signs of deterioration. Where our skin is concerned, the alarm bells should already be ringing at signs of deterioration, before the real damage sets in. This is where our host of “tweakments” come right into play.

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Your skin might still be firm as you see it, but don’t let what’s happening beneath it ruin it eventually for you. First up on the tweakments list is the non-invasive hour-long procedure known as Ultherapy. With new-age ultrasound technology at the helm to tighten and firm the skin, this quick-fix ensures your skin remains ultra sound.

Another tweakment for the skin is the Thermage, one of the most sought after tweakments for people looking to contour their face and firm up their skin, by way of radiofrequency waves. Still no scalpel involved!

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The host of tweakments do not end just with the face. For anyone not pleased with their figure or packing a little extra baggage, there is a wealth of options at your disposal that bare take up any of your time. The Magnetic Muscle Sculpt program for example, draws from the powers of electromagnetic energy to stimulate contraction of your muscles, tighten them and making them more visible on your body.

Other non-invasive flab-to-fab tweakments include Onda Body Magic and Coolshape… and more where that came from.

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Therein lies the ethos of staying youthful and beautiful and being the talk of the town: don’t neglect it and then decide to treat it. Take the “weak” out by tweaking it!

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