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Male Grooming Hacks That Every Guy Should Know


Undoubtably, social media has shaped body ideals and exposed us to beauty trends, which means that all of us (including males) are more conscious of the way we look. Male grooming has come a long way, but most of us don’t have time for a seven-step personal care routine. This is why we’ve listed some simple male grooming hacks that will help you look your best.

#1: Shave After You Shower

Did you know? The water and steam from your shower can soften your beard hairs and release trapped dirt. Shaving with (not against!) the grain after your shower will give you a smoother shave with a smaller risk of nicks.

#2: Swap Shaving Cream for Hair Conditioner

Swapping your shaving cream for hair conditioner will give you a less drying shave, since conditioner moisturises your skin rather than strip it of its naturally occurring oils. So, the next time you run out of shaving cream, opt for the conditioner lying around in your bathroom.

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#3: Take Care of Your Skin with a Facial

Pamper yourself with SW1’s Deep Deep Clean facial! It is a no-nonsense facial that combines microdermabrasion with a fruit acid wash, ultrasonic deep pore purging, and a targeted facial wrap to keep breakouts at bay. There are whitening wraps, oil control wraps, and hyaluronic acid wraps to choose from!

#4: Use Your Deodorant Correctly

Put on your deodorant before you head to bed, since it takes time for your deodorant to close your sweat ducts. Most deodorants last 24 hours, so this hack is perfect to last you through the day.

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#5: Try a Muscle Sculpting Treatment

Want toned muscles? SW1’s Magnetic Muscle Sculpting can improve the strength and tighten your muscles. The treatment uses the latest Functional Magnetic Stimulations (FMS) to improve the tone of treated muscles.

FMS uses electro-magnetic induction to directly activate motor neurons, causing a contraction of the muscles when the neuron cell is depolarized. Compared to the traditionally employed electrical muscle stimulation, FMS is more comfortable and does not require direct skin contact.

Good news is, FMS is able to sculpt and define abdominal muscles to accelerate six pack creation. It can also tone up gluteal muscles to lift and shape the buttocks.

#6: Hair Serum for Thinning Hair

Male pattern baldness is thought to affect 25% of all men by the age of 30 years. Try a hair rejuvenating serum to improve thinning hair and prevent hair loss. Such products can strengthen damaged hair and encourage shiny, thicker hair to grow.

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With these simple grooming hacks, you’ll look suave and polished in no time.

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