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Trending Now: The Treatment That Makes Your Skin Younger


Would you believe that Paul Rudd and Jennifer Lopez are 48 years old? Unfortunately, most of us don’t age as gracefully as them. Good news is, some skincare treatments are very effective in helping you to achieve a radiant and youthful look.

Youth Savant

Youth Savant, offered at SW1 clinic, is an exceptional anti-aging treatment tool. Its key strength lies in targeting the root cause of aging – your DNA. This treatment also improves skin health and promotes skin healing. To top it off, it brightens your complexion too!

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How Is It Administered?

Youth Savant is administered through a series of small microinjections to deliver the target actives to your skin. Our doctors use specialized fine needles for the treatment. Fret not, the procedure is very safe and efficacious.

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Active Ingredient PDRN

Youth Savant’s main key ingredient is PDRN or Polydexoyribonucleotide. It has several benefits, such as protecting cells from UV-induced DNA damage, stem cell proliferation and tissue repair.

Unfortunately, accumulative exposure to UVB rays results in unwanted pigmentation and accelerated aging process. PDRN can combat this by enhancing DNA repair through activating p53 protein.

Moreover, Youth Savant’s PDRN may be used for therapeutic and regenerative purposes.

Not forgetting PDRN’s wound healing properties, which include acceleration of the repair and growth of bone tissue.

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With PDRN as the star of the show, Youth Savant is sure to make you feel and look younger. Perhaps aging gracefully may not be as difficult as we think.

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