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5 Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Actual Age


We can’t escape the passage of time – we will get older and our bodies will age. While some lucky individuals are born with good genes, we can and should be mindful of our daily habits. Here are 5 habits that you should get rid of, if you don’t want to look older than you actually are.

#1: Drinking from Straws

Did you know that drinking from a straw can cause noticeable lines and wrinkles around your mouth? Besides, straws are harmful to the environment. For the sake of your skin and the environment, consider ditching straws entirely.

5 Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Actual Age

#2: Eating Too Many Processed Foods

An unhealthy diet is a big cause of premature aging. The excess sugar that exists in many foods contributes to dark eye circles, wrinkles and dehydrated skin. Hence, opt for whole foods instead.

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#3: Forgetting to Put on Sunscreen

Since 90% of skin aging is caused by sun damage, try not to skip on wearing sunscreen daily. Even when it’s not sunny out, always protect your skin. Damaging UVA rays can penetrate through clouds and glass, resulting in premature aging and possibly skin cancer.

#4: Not Eating Enough Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and nutrients that slow down the aging process. A study revealed that with increased intake of fruits and vegetables resulted in an increase in pigmentation, and a more ‘rosy’ glow to the skin. So load up on your greens!

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#5: Sleeping on Your Face

Many of us have the habit of sleeping on our faces, without realising that this can cause wrinkles over time. Try to kick this habit and sleep on your back or side instead. Optionally, you can invest in a silk pillow case. Silk is more gentle on your skin and will cause less wrinkles.

5 Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Actual Age

Anti-Aging Treatments

For more effective anti-aging effects, give age defy and porcelain skin program a shot.

Age defy is an anti-aging lotion that fight wrinkles and firms skin. Packed with hyaluronic acid and retinol, this product plumps up skin to provide immediate toning and lifting, while keeping your skin hydrated.

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Porcelain skin program is an intensive program that erases dark patches on your skin and improves skin fairness. The LED RED therapy erases signs of photo-damage and skin aging, while pearl éclat works its magic in improving skin health and glow.

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