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5 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work!


We never seem to have enough time for anything, thus it’s easy to neglect your beauty needs. To save you some time and frustration, here are 5 beauty hacks that you should incorporate into your routine.

#1: Triangle Concealer Hack

I’m sure many of us don’t know about this, but the most flattering way to apply concealer is to draw a triangle under your eye, pointing toward your cheek. This conceals your dark circles and creates the illusion that your skin is lifted. Think of it as holding a flashlight against your cheek, with the light shining at the area below your eyes. This draws attention upward.

Triangle concealer trickImage: TYLER JOE/

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For a more convenient way to brighten skin and conceal uneven skin tone, try plasma c boost! It is a professional-grade treatment that is driven by a complex of powerhouse ingredients. It also corrects hyper-pigmentation, including dark spots and freckles. Your skin will feel and look better after this treatment, which means that you won’t need to spend time putting on concealer in the morning.

#2: Make Your Scent Last Longer with Lotion

Apply lotion on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make it last longer. Your pores will absorb the lotion, causing the fragrance to take a longer time to break down. Give this hack a try to smell great for the entire day.

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#3: Set Your Lipstick

Hold a tissue over your lips after you’ve applied your lipstick. Brush a translucent powder over the tissue to prevent your lipstick from getting onto your teeth. This works amazingly for red and berry-toned shades.


Image: Cosmopolitan

#4: Wash Your Makeup Brushes with Baby Shampoo

Washing our makeup brushes regularly is a must. If you don’t already do this, handwash your brushes with baby shampoo. Pour some baby shampoo onto your palm, gently massage the brush then rinse thoroughly. Baby shampoo is gentle on your expensive brushes, and will not cause your skin to break out. 

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#5: Swap Your Shaving Cream with Conditioner

When shaving, use conditioner instead of shaving cream. This gives you an extremely smooth shave while hydrating your skin at the same time. Not only will this hack benefit your skin, there will be one less product to clutter your bathroom.

For greater hydration, give SW1’s water infusion mask a shot.This dermal water mask will recharge your dehydrated skin deeply. It contains hyaluronic acid to maximally replenish, soften and awaken dull, tired skins. Use this mask to brighten and purify fatigued skin. You will be left with radiant and baby-soft skin!

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