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The Biggest Skincare Blunders We All Unknowingly Commit


We know you’ve read all about applying sunscreen diligently and how not to sleep with any makeup on, so we dug deeper. Apart from the usual suspects, there are plenty of lesser known blunders that can lead to more serious issues like acne and pigmentation. And surprisingly, many of us may not realise that these are causing more harm than good to our skin. Take a look at these skincare mistakes, and tell us if you’re guilty of any? 

Not taking Cleansing Seriously Enough


Make up wipes and washing your face doesn’t cut it unfortunately. If you haven’t embraced double cleansing yet, it’s time to truly wake up. An essential skin care tip, especially for those who live in the tropics, double cleansing is the act of using two types of cleansers to remove dirt, makeup etc before you wind down at night. The process sounds high-maintenance and it probably is, but the best way to get rid of makeup, dirt and sweat (hello tropics!) is to double cleanse. If you aren’t double cleansing you are letting your skin become susceptible to breakouts and acne. We’d highly recommend Investing in a good cleansing oil for your first step followed by a cleanser like Skin Gym Deep Cleansing Gel by SW1 to do the final clean off. 



Taking Exfoliation Too Seriously


Peels have taken over everyone’s life! With such easy access to skin care including actives and acids, most of us own mini-pharmacies at home.And while these products promise to slough the bad stuff off, here’s a reminder. Too much exfoliation actually injures your skin. You damage the moisture barrier leading to dehydration and inflammation (yes, that’s why it stings). Try to keep your use of physical exfoliants like microbeads down to no more than 1-2 times a week. The same applies for electronic facial scrubs. Chemical exfoliants in your skin care routine should also get a break – so try and alternate days to get maximum effect. 



An overzealous skincare routine


If you are a beauty junkie, chances are you are obsessed with new ingredients and every acid that makes its way to Sephora’s shelves. There are many schools of thoughts that are now asking us to dial down on skincare. There’s even a name for it – the Skincare diet. A chance to detox and go down to bare basics (cleansing, toning and moisturizing), the skincare diet gives your skin a break and a chance to breathe again. It’s also a great way of finding out what product actually works for you. Slowly adding back products after the cleanse will help evaluate what helped the most. But remember, as with anything good – patience to see how a product delivers is key. 

Not treating your neck as a separate entity



All that focus on your face but no special treatment for your neck? The skin on our necks is thinner, more delicate and contains lesser oil glands. This means the neck region also needs plenty more TLC, including products just meant for it. The anti aging, Gold Oil Retinol Vitamin A Anti-Aging Neck Treatment is a perfect example of a nourishing product that focuses on just your neck and its related issues. Made with the goodness of certified organic coconut, rosehip and jojoba oil, that deliver antioxidants and essential fatty acids for skin rejuvenation. It also contains Retinol and we know what that means! Smooth, line-free and beautiful skin.


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Not applying moisturizer as soon as you are done cleansing


If you aren’t applying moisturizer within a few minutes of washing your face, your skin will get dehydrated quickly. The best time to apply a moisturiser is when the skin is damp, so the hydration capabilities of the product you use are absorbed instantly. It also helps keep that tight, dry feeling at bay. And of course choose that moisturiser wisely. We love Gold Mulberry Renewal Moisturiser that’s made with Black Orchids and Blackberries. Steeped with Lycopene and Resveratrol this cream will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing!



Not Changing Your Pillow Often Enough


It may not be the first thing you think of, but your pillowcase has a big role to play in your skin care. Many people make the mistake of not changing their pillow case often enough and that could lead to breakouts. Target changing your pillowcase every few days, better still invest in a natural silk pillowcase that also comes with anti ageing benefits! The smooth soft fabric will ensure there are no crease lines, especially if you sleep on your tummy. What’s more, silk pillowcases also leave your hair smooth and shiny. What’s not to love!

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