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3 Aesthetic Trends to watch out for in 2020


It’s not just the fashion and cosmetic industries seeing trends coming and going. Within the aesthetics industry, with the evolution of technology and uses for various ingredients, we too are seeing trends taking a stronghold in 2020. Be sure to watch out for these

#1 Filling it right

No longer is it about isolating areas to fill out where you deem fit, such as the lips, temples and cheeks. Aesthetic doctors now prefer to take a wholistic approach when assessing your skin’s needs for fillers.

As we age, our face loses volume in all areas, resulting in sagging skin and loss of definition. With new age fillers, the doctor will address the weakening foundational support, loss of contour and definition, and even the change in facial proportions and shape as well as other tell tale signs such as lines and wrinkles. This is a completely customised procedure for your face that addresses the signs of aging through a series of fillers.

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#2 New uses for Botox

Not just for erasing lines and wrinkles from your face, Botox used in miniscule doses can help diminish fine lines without compromising on your expression lines, and also help to minimise pores, improving overall skin tone and suppleness.

What you’ll achieve is smooth, clear skin a la K Pop Superstar without the need for expensive lasers or extensive downtime.

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#3 Harnessing your own fat

Better than fillers, fat grafting involves the process of harnessing your own fat to do what fillers are known to do – plump and firm up skin.

Using advanced filtering capabilities, harvested fat is washed thoroughly with the purified fat being injected into various parts of your face to restore youth and vitality to your appearance. Maximum results are achieved with the shortest downtime (3-5 days) with results lasting for many years. This is definitely a win-win all round.




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