10 Reasons Why You Should Go To An Aesthetic Clinic In Singapore

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To An Aesthetic Clinic In Singapore


Most people understand the importance of good skin. Take a look at the number of spas and aesthetic clinics in Singapore and you’ll realise that an investment in glowing complexions is a popular one.  And while there are plenty of non-medical beauty salons offering a range of skincare treatments, leading skin specialists around the world would urge you to work with a certified doctor, such as one at an aesthetic clinic. But first, what exactly is an aesthetic clinic? 

An aesthetic clinic is a specialised medical facility where a certified doctor performs both non-surgical or surgical cosmetic procedures on patients. Apart from helping you look better – through fillers, botox or facelifts, an aesthetic clinic can also offer laser and regular facials using effective skincare that delivers on results. If you are still wondering whether going to an aesthetic clinic is a better option than your neighbourhood salon, these 10 reasons will tell you exactly why:

Certified doctors in SW1 Clinic

1. Certified Doctors

The biggest benefit of visiting an aesthetic clinic in Singapore lies in their medically trained team. Doctors are trained specifically to use the latest technologies and products so their patients can get the most definitive results. You’ll often find that a first consultation with an aesthetic doctor at a reputable clinic such as SW1 Clinic is a valuable experience. An in depth analysis of your skin, the troubles around it and what you are hoping to achieve, are amongst the many details your doctor will discuss with you. Doctors can also derive if you need one or a combination of treatments to attack and improve any skin ailments that you may have. 

2. Clinical facilities and quality product

The next important factor for choosing an aesthetic clinic in Singapore are the facilities they are housed in. Aesthetic clinics come with medical-grade facilities, and clinical equipment that may be needed for surgical and non-surgical treatments. Ever heard horror stories about grey market Botox and fillers? There are plenty of grey market products used by non-medical beauty outlets that are diluted, fake or non-FDA certified versions. When you go to an aesthetic clinic, you can be rest assured that the doctor is certified and equipped to use original fillers. As a consumer, you should always ask to see the bottle label prior to the treatment too. 

Cutting edge facilities in SW1 Clinic

 3. Cutting-edge equipment and technology

Read about a new cosmetic technology that you can’t wait to try? Chances are your aesthetic clinic in Singapore offers it too! People around the world come to Singapore for beauty and skin treatments. The city offers some of the top aesthetic doctors as well as access to cutting-edge technology that may not have reached other parts of the globe yet. So, whether it’s trying the latest filler ingredient Profhilo or getting a PDO thread lift, you can be rest assured that your aesthetician in Singapore will be equipped to handle it. 

4. Popular aesthetic services

Aesthetic clinics also offer the entire portfolio of popular services. This means that not only can you have the next installment of your trusted Botox injections, you can also get your skin tightened using the FDA-approved Thermage FLX

What are the most popular aesthetic treatments in Singapore you ask? Thermage FLX is a common way to achieve tightened and rejuvenated skin. Ulthera is another cosmetic procedure that patients in Singapore love for its ability to give a non-surgical facelift, often as good as a surgical one! Fillers and Botox are extremely popular too, especially natural versions such as those with Hyaluronic Acid  that directly add volume to either soften the signs of aging or enhance your features. The Infinity Nose Threadlift is another coveted treatment at stalwarts SW1 Clinic and can improve the proportions of the nose using nose threads. 

5. Minimal downtime

A clinical setting allows for your medical practitioner to offer the best anesthetics – injections or topical. You will also receive an after care kit and advise which will ensure faster recovery and little to no downtime. Need painkillers or Arnica after? Again, a doctor who knows different skin types, and treatment side effects well, will be able to offer the right after care and medication for your swift recovery. 

6. Clinical skincare

When you visit an aesthetic doctor in Singapore, you’ll get access to clinical skincare brands that are not sold over the counter. And while we love our regular beauty brands, using clinically developed professional skincare can make a world of a difference to your complexion. The skincare lines at the leading SW1 Clinic are developed by doctors – so you know they are truly professional in efficacy too. Whether it’s a hydrating wonder cream that comes with potent quantities of retinol or a facial mask that’s freshly prepared and improves hydration and firmness almost instantly, clinical skincare can take your aesthetic treatments many notches higher. 

7. Hair worries

We love how aesthetic clinics can offer a range of services, including hair related treatments. For those suffering from hair loss and thinning troubles, the Revage 670 treatment is one of the newest breakthroughs in non-surgical hair restoration methods. An FDA-approved low-level laser therapy, it uses Rotational PhotoTherapy (RPT) to rejuvenate thinning hair on both men and women. If you suffer from too much hair on the other hand, laser hair removal at your aesthetic clinic will be done by a qualified doctor with minimal discomfort and pain. 

8. Complimenting your fitness journey

Your aesthetic clinic is not just reserved for skincare and hair! Increasingly, plenty of patients are choosing to compliment their fitness journeys with the help of body sculpting technology.  Coolshape is a non-invasive body shaping that’s effective in reducing stubborn pockets of fat in specific parts of the body. This fat-busting procedure follows the principle of Cryolipolysis, that is freezing unwanted fats. However, if you are seeking help with your abs, buttocks or even the pelvic floor, the revolutionary Magnetic Muscle Sculpting (MMS) treatment using Functional Magnetic Stimulation is an ideal option. MMS improves the tone of muscles by stimulating muscle contraction, just like you would do in a session at the gym – only without any sweat or actual physical activity!

SW1 Plastic Surgery Centre in Singapore

9. Plastic Surgery

Sometimes plastic surgery is the only optimum way to get the results you desire. One of the many reasons that people who go to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, plastic surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon. Breast augmentation and reconstruction remain popular reasons for resorting to invasive surgery. Other times face grafting, extensive double chin removal or rhinoplasty are options that drive patients to an aesthetic clinic’s surgery department. Regardless of what you choose, a consultation with your aesthetic doctor will ensure you are making the right choice. He or she may even recommend a non-surgical route if similar results are possible. 

10. Disaster management

When you get any cosmetic treatment done, invasive or minimally so, there is always a chance of a reaction or side effects. Another reason to stick to an aesthetic clinic when it comes to cosmetic procedures is their ability to manage things, when they go horribly wrong. From having the right medical equipment on hand to the ability to dispense medication as needed, going to an aesthetic clinic for treatments just makes better sense!


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