Tell-Tale Signs! What Happens If You Get Too Many Fillers Done

Tell- Tale Signs! What Happens If You Get Too Many Fillers Done.


Can you have too much fillers?

We love how accessible fillers have become! Medical grade injectables that can lift, plump and make you look years younger, Dermal Fillers are a great tool to use if you are after wrinkle smoothing too.

Easy to get, affordable and long(ish) lasting, they help give you that halo of youth, with subtlety. In fact, you may never even notice someone has fillers – they are THAT good at achieving a natural look. But again, is there such a thing as too many? And what happens if you cross that line between filled-out and over plumped?


A Fluffed-Out or Pillow Face

Full cheeks equal youth and we get that. However, when you use too much filler, this can turn a subtle plumpness to puffy cheeks that look unattractive and a mis-fit for that age bracket. When one gets too many fillers in the cheeks and under the eyes, the whole face becomes one big bulge, squishing the eyes to look smaller. All in all, not a pretty look – much like an overstuffed pillow.

Too much fillers? Pillow face


An Unnatural Chin

While we love a V-shaped chin (who doesn’t!), it’s pretty evident when someone has a rather unnaturally, sharp one. Injecting too much filler into the chin, leaves the individual with an extremely pointed and sharp chin, almost like a witch. Not the sort of look we were after!

An unnatural chin from too much fillers?

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Cheekbones that are way too bony

Our favourite item in the makeup drawer – contouring kits! If you too are forever in the pursuit of a chiselled face, know that fillers can be an excellent medium to do just that.  But, this needs the skill and foresight of a doctor. Executed wrongly and these cheeks can have your bones protruding too much, leaving the face looking rather out of place.

Too much fillers?

Duck Lips

You know what we are talking about. Lips are one of the most common areas where fillers tend to go overboard, leading to that over bloated, duck lip effect. This is a clear case of over-filling and over zealousness shown by the patient and their practitioner. Remember, if you are after subtlety – less is always more!

Too much lip fillers?

A (Really) Broad Nose Bridge

Liquid Nose Job, or the use of dermal fillers to fix a bump in your nose or optimize its shape is an increasingly popular treatment that many around the world are embracing. But, sometimes there may be too much ‘filling’ that can lead to an unnaturally broad nose bridge, totally taking away from the original reason for having it done.


But Then, Why Should You Get Fillers?

With the chances of something making you look obviously unnatural, why then would you get fillers? For starters, most fillers are temporary and eventually absorbed by the body. FDA approved to smoothen out wrinkles and plump your skin, they make for an excellent tool to refresh your look – and naturally at that. Not the same as Botox, where muscles are frozen to reduce wrinkles, fillers smoothen out skin by filling fine lines instead. Fillers such as those with Hyaluronic Acid also do a great inside job of replenishing your body’s natural production of this acid, something topical skin care can never achieve. Bottomline – fillers are perfectly safe and come with little or no pain and zero downtime. If you are after a quick and easy way to look young and refreshed – fillers are it!


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So What is the Right Way to Do Them?

As with most treatments always consult a reputed doctor to ascertain if the procedure would work for you and your body. Ask as many questions as you need to, and be comfortable in the space you’ll have the procedure done in.

The team at SW1 clinic are highly qualified, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons who can help develop the right cosmetic plan for you. Using cutting edge FDA Approved technology and treatments, they have the knowledge and skill to achieve natural, and long lasting effects. Don’t like what you see? The natural hyaluronic acid fillers used at SW1 Clinic can be easily dissolved away by an injection of the enzyme hyaluronidase. There’s also a well thought-out post treatment protocol in place to help you recover from the procedure optimally.

Armed with the right knowledge and team of doctors, you too can use fillers effectively and without looking too filled-out. Just make sure you do your homework well and go to a qualified professional for the job!


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