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2019’s best body sculpting treatments that work


Sure, non-invasive aesthetic treatments have come a long way and have become more accessible to us mere mortals but this isn’t just limited to beauty procedures for the face. Body treatments to lose stubborn fat, tighten skin and even build muscle are now real options and gaining popularity for those wanting to get the most out of their weight loss and diet routines.

2019's best body sculpting treatments that work

So which treatment is right for you?

Not all treatments fix the same issues. Body sculpting in this generation is a broad and wide ranging and are the treatment options. Needless to say, a body sculpting treatment to eradicate cellulite won’t be effective for building muscles.

Plus, it takes time for the results to show. Besides a little patience, good planning goes a long way to help you enjoy the benefits when you most need it. Most importantly, do your research and find a certified aesthetic doctor who offers a range of the below treatments I’m about to share with you, so you can opt for a tailor-made body sculpting plan that’s just right for reaching your body’s goals.

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#1 Fat reduction treatments

Using advanced German Zimmer technology, Coolshape is a non-invasive body shaping that’s effective in reducing stubborn pockets of fat in specific parts of the body. This fat-busting procedure follows the principle of “cryolipolysis”, ie freezing unwanted fats away.

The device is placed on the target area and the temperature is reduced to the right level of coldness to effectively target the fat cells. The body then reacts by getting rid of the broken down fat cells through natural elimination. You’ll notice a reduction of the fat in the treated area about 2 months after and a huge bonus of the this treatment is that new cells aren’t able to replace these lost cells, making this treatment fairly permanent.

Besides the feeling of a strong suction feeling on the target area, the treatment is generally comfortable although some patients experience mild bruising post-treatment.

#2 Skin tightening treatments

As we age, the skin on our bodies reacts very much like the skin on our faces and necks – it starts to sag and look loose and droopy. Thanks to breakthroughs in radiofrequency and ultrasound procedures, there are now options to help rebuild lost collagen in areas which need them the most and provide a tightening effect.

Cellulite by Thermage is well loved by many for its multi-prong approach to reducing cellulite and tightening skin in the treated areas. As an FDA – approved treatment, Thermage is able to harness the benefits of radiofrequency waves to restore elasticity, improving the dimpled appearance caused by cellulite, and toning the skin at the same time.

What you’ll appreciate from this treatment is a visible improvement in skin contour and tightening, and even a little fat reduction on the treated areas, be it your arms, thighs, buttocks or abdomen.

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#3 Muscle building treatments

To target your abs, buttocks and even pelvic floor where muscles are present, the revolutionary Magnetic Muscle Sculpting (MMS)treatment using Functional Magnetic Stimulation would be ideal for you.

Essentially, MMS improves the tone of treated muscles by stimulating muscle contraction, very much like what takes place in a gym session, the only difference being, you can lay down and sit down without having to do so much as a workout.

MMS has been found to be efficacious in accelerate the definition and tone of a six-pack, lifting and shaping the buttocks and even in strengthening the pelvic floor (especially useful for women who have given birth or matured women who experience laxity).

Not only are you achieving definition in your targeted muscle area, you are also helping your muscles to increase in density.

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