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Too Much Botox – Knowing When to Say Stop!


Secretly wanting to try Botox but the horror stories keeping you away? Of all the treatments done at a dermatologist’s office, Botox certainly gets a bad rap. And an unfair one too! When done right, Botox is a fabulous vehicle to achieving subtle, natural results where you don’t end up with that ‘frozen’ face. Yes, it is possible!

 Too Much Botox - Knowing When to Stay Stop!

Frozen Face

Long before it was approved for cosmetic use BOTOX® had an established 10 year safety data for the treatment of several disorders such as adult spasticity, cervical dystonia and migraine headaches. So, know that it is completely safe – when done right. The frozen look we are all scared of, is very much down to the person who is performing your treatment.

During a Botox treatment a few drops are injected with a tiny needle into the muscles, blocking nerve impulses that cause the contractions. This weakens the muscle and gradually softens your lines giving that refreshed relaxed look.

But then again, less is certainly more when it comes to Botox. Your medical practitioner (and no it cannot be someone at a spa or salon) will have the skills to administer the right amount at the right location, ensuring it does not freeze you out. Remember, Botox cannot be undone, so it is best to go with minimal treatments as a starter. You can always top them up should you want a more dramatic effect!


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Over-arched Eyebrows

Another fairly common sight – when there is too much Botox on the forehead, it leads to raising of the eyebrows leaving one with a perpetually surprised expression. In some cases, one eyebrow maybe higher than the other – making it rather comical, unfortunately.

Over-arched brows from too much botox

Shopping for bargains and injectables don’t go hand in hand. If it’s too good to be true -it probably is! Choose wisely and work with a well regarded practitioner, who you can explain your exact needs to. The more questions you ask, the more likely you are to understand if this is for you. The way your face reacts after the treatment, lies entirely in the hands of your doctor, but that choice is down to you.


Duck lips

A Botox Lip Flip can help to make your lips appear larger. By injecting multiple units to your upper lip, it relaxes the muscles of the lip thereby making it curl upward. This process can subtly make your lips appear bigger without actually adding any volume to it. But, when this process goes horribly wrong, you get the infamous duck lip featured in many a ‘Botox gone wrong’ stories.

Too much botox for your lips?

A good doctor will be able to discuss all your options for lip fillers. It is also completely OKAY if he or she says no to using Botox. While Botox can help for a number of things but volume or fine line removal is what you are after, don’t be surprised if your doctor suggests natural fillers instead.


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Choose well

Botox is one of the better tools available in the market to achieve a number of effects and wrinkle-free skin is just one of them. Doctors are increasingly using it for treating over sweating glands, teeth grinding and migraines issues too.

So while safe, it is still wise to go with a reputed and certified skin doctor when working with Botox.

Always prioritize skill, experience and reputation over cost and special offers. With any injectable treatment the chances of a reaction and side effects are possible, so it’s important to check that your practitioner has a plan for it in place.

And sometimes it also boils down to what your expectations are and what Botox can achieve. A conversation with your doctor is a good way to understand if it is indeed the answer to your troubles or that you may be better suited for fillers or a face-lift, instead. Either way, find a doctor your can trust and if you see any red flags, save it for another day!

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