Pssst...Have You Tried the Glow-rious BB Aquatouch Treatment Yet?

Pssst…Have You Tried the Glow-rious BB Aquatouch Treatment Yet?


If you’ve got multiple camera apps to give you that polished look for Instagram, we’ll let you onto a secret – it’s now possible to get that Insta-like glow in real life too. 

The one treatment everyone is seeking for 2020, is the instant photoshop effect that comes with the revolutionary BB Aquatouch Treatment. Want to know more? We sure do!

What is BB Aquatouch?

The BB Aquatouch Treatment at SW1 Clinic is a signature facial that uses a new laser wavelength to target skin layers for pigmentation, photo damaged skin, melasma and age spots. It is also effective at improving skin elasticity, reducing large pores and wrinkles. The real test of this treatment comes after a few sessions where users have experienced a photoshop-like effect on their skin. 

In fact these results can be seen within 2 weeks of the treatment but the skin continues to improve after the facial  too – slowly renewing itself into a vibrant, glowing version of its former self. 

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How many treatments do I need?

It takes a bit of commitment but the results speak for themselves! The number of treatments needed depends on what you are seeking, with most users seeing a visible difference in as little as 2 sessions. For longevity of results, doctors recommend a minimum of 6 sessions, so you get a glow that stays way beyond a generic facial.

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Is there any pain? What about downtime?

No, this is a painless facial that gives big, glow-rious results! A topical anesthetic cream is also applied prior to treatment to minimise any discomfort.

There is no downtime at all either. Just remember to moisturise and apply sunscreen diligently as you would do after any laser treatment!

Is it okay for sensitive skin types?

As with most treatments, speak to your doctor about any current skin conditions or concerns. BB Aquatouch is suitable for those with sensitive skin too because the laser can be adjusted as per the user (by a doctor) and tailored to a skin type. The after care however needs to be your responsibility. Ensure you avoid the sun and products such as chemical peels after the treatment so your skin has time to recover and heal.

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What is the Baby Skin Program?

The Baby Skin Program is for those who are looking to get maximum results out of the BB Aquatouch treatments. Consisting of 6 sessions of BB Aquatouch, that are followed by a radiance gel wrap and alternating treatments of Pearl Eclat and LED Red, this is a comprehensive road to beautiful skin. The novel technology behind this cumulative skin program helps to stimulate collagen and reduce oil production. The Pearl Eclat radically boosts skin health taking you to next level gorgeous! 

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