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Our doctors debunk these top 3 myths about fillers


Hate or love dermal fillers, there’s no denying their staying power as one of the most popular aesthetic treatment in the 21st century. For some of you, you may be holding off dermal fillers for fear of some unfounded truths you’ve heard about them. Dr Low Chai Ling, founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic is here to debunk the top 3 myths about dermal fillers.

Our doctors debunk these top 3 myths about fillers

Myth #1: Fillers make you look unnatural

If fillers look unnatural on someone, it’s very likely that the treatment was done by an inexperience doctor. While fillers may seem pretty common these days, it’s still important to seek out an experienced practitioner well versed in dermal fillers. Such a doctor will assess your natural features and do a filler treatment that will complement and balance your facial proportions for an aesthetically pleasing outcome that is both subtle and natural.

A well-done filler procedure will have you looking refreshed and rejuvenated and no one would be able to tell you had fillers done!

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Myth #2 Filler injections are painful

While there may be some discomfort with fillers, there is little to no pain as the needles used for such procedures are very fine and thin and any stinging sensation felt will only last a few seconds.

At SW1 Clinic, if pain is a concern for you, there’s always the option of having numbing cream applied prior to the treatment. This will help to numb the surrounding area and make the treatment much more comfortable for you.

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Myth #3 Fillers are irreversible

Worried that you won’t be happy with your fillers and worse, having to live with it for the next six months or more? The good news is fillers can be dissolved and naturally expelled from the body with the help of Hyalase, an enzyme that breaks up the hyaluronic acid used in fillers.

While we’re confident our aesthetic doctors will give you fillers that you’ll be happy with, you have peace of mind knowing that any filler results you aren’t completely with can be reversed and corrected.


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