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These 5 easy tips will help men look younger and better


They say men age like fine wine and while many of us will agree, these easy tips can help any guy out there look younger and better no matter their age.

These 5 easy tips will help men look younger and better

#1 Have a skincare routine

Washing your face with water and the same soap you use for your hair and body just doesn’t cut it. A skincare routine doesn’t have to be complex or tedious. A simple 3-step routine could be all you need to cover all bases. A good cleanser to get rid of oil, dirt and grime so you have a good clean slate to apply the rest of your products. Follow with a toner to clean off any last traces of grime, rebalance your skin’s pH levels and even out your skin tone. End off with a moisturizer that’s suitable for your skin type to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

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#2 Sunscreen

While having a skincare routine in place is great, protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is even better. It’s the cherry on the cake to slow down the rate at which your skin ages. Think less lines and wrinkles, less pigmentation, less leathery skin and less sun damage overall.

This means sunscreen is a must. To be used every day, regardless of the weather.

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#3 Trim your hair

Not just the ones on your head, but also your facial hair, nose hair and yes, your body hair. For a younger look, keep hair trimmed short and often so it looks neat and tidy.

Body hair may be tricky to take care of and if it’s proving to be more of a burden for you, consider getting rid of body hair once and for all with laser hair removal treatments. These treatments are pretty much painless and results are permanent so you never have to worry about unruly back hair again.

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#4 Make fitness a priority

No one is saying you need to train for the next Iron Man (but if that’s what you like, by all means!). Fitness looks and feels different for everyone. Be it running, tennis or pilates, it’s important to find an activity you enjoy and stick with it to keep your body moving and active. Psychologically this helps you to feel younger and physically, you look better!

Ideally a balanced routine that includes cardio such as cycling or swimming and strength training such as a pilates would give your body a well-rounded workout.

#4 Wear clothes that fit

Ditch ill-fitting clothes that are either too tight, too short or too baggy. Such clothes only pile on more years to your appearance. If you’re not quite sure how your clothes should fit on you, invest some time and money at a tailor and get some shirts and pants measured and made just for you.

The difference will be astounding – well-fitted clothes improve the way you look which will work wonders on your confidence. You’ll look better and feel younger.

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