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Here’s your 2022 guide to healthier skin


If you don’t yet know, our body’s largest organ is our skin. Unlike all our other organs which are on the inside of our body, the skin is on the outside and one of its main function is to offer protection from the likes of bacteria, chemicals and temperature?

Like all other parts of your body, you want your skin to be working at the optimal level for you, and when it does, it shows. The good news is, healthy skin is not difficult to attain and this guide shows you how.

Here’s your 2022 guide to healthier skin

#1 Use sunscreen daily

All dermatologists will agree that sunscreen is one of the most important products you should use when it comes to protecting your skin and slowing down the signs of ageing. Even when you’re indoors, make wearing sunscreen your daily habit as UV rays can penetrate windows too.

Look for a sunscreen that offers at least SPF30 broad spectrum protection. If unsure about how much sunscreen to apply, you can follow the 2-finger method, where you squeeze sunscreen in 2 separate lines from the tip to the base of your index and middle finger.

#2 Don’t smoke

If healthy skin is a priority for you, stay far away from smoking. Smoking speeds up the ageing process of your skin and slows down the body’s healing process, a double whammy preventing you from achieving healthy skin.

#3 Use a self-tanner

If you haven’t gathered from point 1 above, we’ll say it again, the sun is not your friend. Not only does the sun age your skin prematurely, it increases the risk of skin cancer. If you love the tanned look, consider using a self-tanner instead. This could help you achieve the look you want without compromising your skin’s health.

#4 Use skincare products that suit your skin

Do you know what your skin type is? From oily, dry, normal, sensitive to combination, there’s a plethora of products available for each skin type.

Take the time to know your skin type and what its needs are. This not only prevents wastage in the long run, it also ensures your skin receives what it needs, helping your skin to look and feel good.

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#5 Wash your face

This sounds simple enough but knowing when to wash your face is the key here. Wash your skin when you wake up, before you go to bed and after a sweaty workout session. Not only does it feel refreshing, washing your face at these times remove dirt, grime and even pollution that your skin has accumulated over the course of the day.

#6 Don’t be afraid to seek help

If you simply can’t seem the answers to better skin on your own, there’s no shame in seeking professional help. Aesthetic doctors and dermatologists see patients with various skin conditions all the time, and will have the expertise, medication and even machines to improve the overall condition of your skin.

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