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3 signs of a good lip filler


The Kylie (Jenner, not Minogue) trend has definitely got us paying more attention to our lips in recent years. In fact, she just might have single-handedly caused a spike in demand in the doctor’s office for lip fillers.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your features but research is key whenever you want to get something done on yourself – the doctor’s experience with fillers, your comfort level with the doctor, the costs and maintenance involved, and the list goes on. All these can go a long way in creating a pleasant and satisfying experience, and here’s how you would know you’ve had a good lip filler treatment.

#1 It’s not obvious

Good lip filler shouldn’t be obvious. Lip fillers is good when it helps one achieve youthful, pillowy, voluminous lips. Your new lips should be proportionate to the rest of your facial features and not stick out like a sore thumb. The final outcome should still look natural, without anyone being able to tell you’ve had your lips done.

3 signs of a good lip filler

#2 There shouldn’t be any lumpiness

Poorly placed fillers can cause lumpiness and while they are harmless, they can be unsightly. These usually can be treated with a medical practitioner massaging them away.

While it can be normal to have such bumps and lumps in the days after your lip filler injection, they should go away on its own. Anything lasting weeks or even months will become trickier to treat. This makes it especially important for you to find a skilled doctor to treat and manage any such concerns.

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#3 There shouldn’t be any pain

If the filler is injected in the wrong location, there can be risks and complications including blocked blood vessels and even death of the skin tissue. These can cause pain and skin discolouration. Another reason why you should definitely look undergo this treatment with a doctor who is familiar with the treatment process and the facial anatomy, to be sure to avoid such issues.

As you’re recovering from a lip filler procedure, it’s normal to experience some mild bruising and even some sensitivity. It will take anywhere from 3 to 5 days to enjoy the final results. By this time, your lips should look and feel smooth, plump and natural without any discomfort, redness or swelling


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