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Aesthetic treatments you never thought could be under $500


We all know aesthetic treatments can be an expensive treat for us but you probably didn’t know there are just some treatments that are really more affordable than you think. Be it your first foray into the world of aesthetics or just that year-end maintenance for a little perk me up, here are our favourite aesthetic treatments you could easily treat yourself to without burning a hole in your wallet.

#1 Botox®

Many of us can agree we’re not a fan of wrinkles. Not only can they make us look older than we really are, deep set frown lines can make us look angrier than we really are. This is where a little Botox® can go a long way in refreshing the face.

Starting from $500, this injectable can relax and minimise deep expression lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Also known as a lunchtime treatment, this procedure can be done in as little as 10 minutes under the expert hands of a qualified doctor with little to no downtime.

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#2 Quattro Toning Undereye

The undereye is a delicate area with very thin skin. It’s for this reason that it’s one of the first areas to display the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Quattro Toning is a revolutionary laser treatment that is effective in treating even the undereye area, to tighten and brighten the skin without irritating the skin.

From $300 a session, Quattro Toning can be completed in under 15 minutes by a doctor. The treated skin will be slightly red which should fade within an hour. Best of all you can return to normal activities right after without any special aftercare.

#3 Revage 670

Hair thinning is a real concern that affects both men and women. You may realise one day your hair feeling significantly thinner or experiencing more hair loss than before. Perhaps it’s time to consider hair restoration treatments.

Revage 670 is an FDA-approved, low-level laser that’s made just for this. It uses Rotational PhotoTherapy (RPT) that rotates 180 degrees around scalp, emitting painless cool laser energy to rejuvenate thinning hair.

At just $200 a session, you could easily book yourself for a few sessions to activate the hair follicles into the active growth phase, to regenerate thicker, suppler hair shafts.

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#4 Water Drop Lift

If your favourite adjectives for great skin include radiant, glowing and healthy, then you don’t have to look very far for the treatment that will deliver.

Water Drop Lift is an under-an-hour treatment that works by enhancing the water content and elasticity of the skin so that you’ll be loving the youthful and dewy appearance that comes after.

At just $350, it’s a treatment that won’t break the bank with visible results to show for it.

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