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Here’s how you can look younger in under an hour


Somewhere between my child’s 5th birthday party and the day before he was delivered, I seemed to have aged a good 10 years. Looking back at pictures of myself pre-baby, I certainly looked fresher, more radiant and less wrinkled then.

Here’s how you can look younger in under an hour

Is it possible to gain back some of those lost years and look more yummy mummy than dumpty housewife? Apparently, yes! This is definitely the best time to make aesthetic treatments your best friend in such times of need. Dr Chua Han Boon, aesthetic doctor of SW1 Clinic shares some of the more popular treatments sought after by mummies looking to regain some semblance of youthfulness.


Fillers do exactly what their name suggests – to fill up areas in your face which has lost volume due to ageing and loss of fat and collagen. Sunken under eyes, lines running across your forehead and even lips that have become thinner with age can all benefit from fillers. Plumping up these areas will help you look more refreshed and reduce any signs of aging and haggardness.


Melasma getting you down? Hormonal changes during and after pregnancy can create skin discoloration on your face. SylfirmX is the latest generation of Sylfirm that is effective in treating melasma, with its gold microneedles penetrating deeper into the dermal layer to treat pigmentation. Another positive side effect of SylfirmX is that it promotes lifting and firming benefits so you can appreciate a younger looking you again.

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Water Drop Lift

Made famous in Korea, Water Drop Lift is a no-nonsense treatment to regenerate skin by enhancing the moisture content and elasticity of the skin without hurting or damaging the skin. The skin’s barrier is boosted and your complexion will reap the benefits of a dewy, radiant glow that will have all the other mummies raving about. Best of the treatment is painless and without any downtime at all.



Easy weight loss tips that won’t require any gym membershipsFillers when used correctly can improve one’s appearance and help one look younger too!