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Here’s how you can look 5 years younger with fillers


When it comes to fillers, we usually think it’s about treating lines and wrinkles. But did you know there are other ways fillers can work, such as improving your facial proportions? Fillers when used correctly can improve one’s appearance and help one look younger too!

Here’s how you can look 5 years younger with fillers

Tear troughs

The skin around our eyes is delicate and thin and as such is one of the first few places to show obvious signs of aging. When we age, our collagen production decreases and this can make our faces look more sunken than we would like them to be. When this happens to the area under our eyes, or the tear troughs, fine lines and wrinkles appear, creating a tired and haggard appearance.

Soft fillers can be used to fill in the sunken areas around this delicate area and help to restore a more rejuvenated and ‘rested’ appearance.

Brow lines

You may notice as you get older that the lines between your eyebrows become more pronounced. These are usually brought on by excessive facial expressions but could also be due to genes, side sleeping, or over-exposure to the sun.

Severe lines can be improved with fillers and can also be complemented with anti-wrinkle injections to stop these lines from forming by paralyzing the muscles. The result is a face that looks younger and more refreshed.


Lips lose volume just like any other part of the body as we age. Lifestyle habits such as smoking can also exacerbate the formation of lines and wrinkles above the lips. This can cause one to look older in appearance.

Fillers can help to restore volume and shape to one’s lips, and even restore hydration thanks to a boost in hyaluronic acid found in these fillers.

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Midface or cheeks

Cheeks can become hollow with age and could end up looking quite flat or simply not as full as they used to be. Fillers can be used to sculpt and restore volume and definition to one’s cheeks, with an added advantage of improving one’s laugh lines or nasolabial folds.


Fillers are a medical procedure and should only be performed by a qualified doctor. You must do your research to find a doctor who is experienced in filler procedures. This will give you the best chances of achieving the most natural and beautiful outcome for yourself.



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