Easy weight loss tips that won’t require any gym memberships

Easy weight loss tips that won’t require any gym memberships

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Having gone through a second wave of lockdown-ish and gyms closed for a period of time, we might have noticed that we have inadvertently packed on an extra pound or more!

Easy weight loss tips that won’t require any gym memberships

While exercise has its place in maintaining a healthy body and weight, a ton of evidence have pointed to diet when it comes to managing your weight and preventing or even reversing unwanted weight gain.

Here are some top tips to have you losing weight without any gym memberships.

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#1 Drink water regularly

Did you know that more often than not, we inappropriately respond to thirst by eating instead of drinking? By regularly drinking water, it will help you eat less and lose weight as a result, especially if you drink water before a meal.

Studies have found that that drinking 500ml of water about 30 minutes before a meal helps to reduce hunger pangs and reduce your calorie intake!

Drinking water throughout the day also keeps you feeling full, keeps your metabolism running and helps to minimize bloatedness.

#2 Go meatless at least for 1 meal each day

Reap the benefits of a meat-free diet without having to become a full time vegan by simply going meatless for either lunch or dinner. Consuming more plant-based protein not only satiates your appetite better than pork and veal-based meals, it has also been found that eating a vegetarian high-protein meal results in up to 12% fewer calories being consumed in the next meal, compared to those who ate meat.

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#3 Use small plates for unhealthy snacks

Smaller plates generally make your food portions look huge and the converse is true where large plates can make your food portions look small.

Sometimes when you can’t stop your cravings, this could be a neat trick to come in handy so you end up eating less unhealthy snacks.

Likewise use a bigger plate when you’re helping yourself to healthy foods so you can be sure you’re feeding your body more of the good stuff.

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#4 Sleep well

Who knew your sleep can have an effect on your appetite and weight? When you don’t get enough quality sleep, our body naturally responds by increasing levels of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and decreases the satiety hormone, leptin, and you guessed it, resulting in weight gain.

Studies have also shown that when you’re sleep deprived, you body craves for more unhealthy foods that are generally high in fat and calorie, a double whammy for weight gain.

Improve your night time habits, have regular sleep hours and keep those unwanted hunger pangs at bay.

#5 Weight loss injectable

The Skinny Jab is an FDA-approved weight loss solution that helps to curb appetite so you have one less thing to think about when you’re trying to lose weight.  The Skinny Jab works by mimicking a hormone, glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1) that is responsible for regulating hunger, leading to lower calorie consumption and accelerate weight loss.

Available at SW1 Clinic, it is recommended that you first have a consultation with a doctor to determine if The Skinny Jab is suitable for you.

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