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As we get on in years, our various signs of aging get more pronounced and prominent with time, especially the ones that bear a bit of discolouration – like dark eye circles.
Contrary to popular belief, dark eye rings can still rear its ugly head even with a healthy sleeping habit, owing to the dipping levels in collagen to enable the reparation of skin.
“As we age, our skin loses its ability to regenerate and bounce back into condition like before, so these dark circles become more prominent despite the amount of hours you’ve invested in your beauty sleep,” explains Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director and founder of SW1 Clinic.

While we agree there are a host of genetic and lifestyle factors that can influence the visibility and appearance of your dark eye circles, we can all seek solace in the fact that there are ways to help diminish the appearance of dark eye circles.

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#1 Hydration is key

The skin around your eyes are very thin and will need external intervention to keep them well-moisturized.

Using a good eye cream or non-greasy serum not only helps to brighten up the eye area, it can also prevents the skin there from shrinking into the bone and giving off the shadowy illusion of dark eye circles.

#2 Use Sunscreen

Since we’re already using it on our face to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, the area around the eyes shouldn’t be exempted from protection as well.
Keeping the delicate skin around this area well-shielded from the sun is as important as preserving the condition of the other areas of your skin.

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#3 Try Retinoids

Retinoids are a group of compounds moulded from vitamin A, and is a common ingredient in skincare products.

Revered for its ability to stimulate collagen and thickening the thinner skin around the eye, using an eye cream with Vitamin A not only has a brightening effect on your eye area, its firming effect cannot be discounted too.

#4 Use a good eye makeup remover

One of the Ten Commandments skincare goes, “Thou shalt not commit the cardinal sin of not removing makeup every evening”.

Kudos to you if you’re doing that – but don’t forget your eye-makeup remover as well. Choose a product that is oil-based, and gentler on the skin. Another point to note: the less the preservatives in the product, the better it is for your skin.

#5 Treat your eyes

As you would treat your face to a luxuriant facial, or your body to a liberating massage, you ought to pamper your eyes with the all-inclusive Eye Illuminator Program that tones and firms the eye area, while also brightening it with natural hyaluronic acids.

Get ready to shed off years with brighter, more youthful eyes.

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