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Tips to make your fillers last longer


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Fillers are a mainstay when it comes to aesthetic procedures and are loved for being a quick and straightforward procedure, with little to zero downtime and visible results that last for months at a time.

As much as we love them and know they aren’t permanent, it doesn’t hurt to try to gather some tips on how to prolong them right?

Your metabolism matters

Fillers break down in our bodies and that’s why we need a top up every few months. The speed with which they break depends largely on your metabolism rate – those with higher metabolism will have a shorter lifespan with fillers compared to those with lower metabolism rates.

Those with high metabolism generally burn fat and calories faster than the average individual, so while this could be good news for your body, the same can’t be said when it comes to fillers, especially when we know it’s out of our control.

Tips to make your fillers last longer

The injection point matters

Fillers are highly versatile and can be used in different parts of the face to address different concerns. If the point of filler injection is placed at a location where it’s likely to move more, fillers are more likely to break down faster.

One of the popular areas for filler injection is the lips and while the results can be dramatic and beautiful, the lips do move a lot simply from talking, eating and even breathing and kissing which is why fillers here tend to break down faster compared to other parts of the face.

Pressure matters

One good way of prolonging your fillers is to not subject them to stress and pressure. This means sleeping on them. Instead sleep on your back and be gentle with your face during your skincare routines. The more delicate you are with the areas treated with fillers, the longer they’ll stay in place.

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