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Body Resurrection

Unlock the clock on slouchy and roughened knees with this gem. This triple therapy is guaranteed to meticulously shapen, tighten and smoothen gritty, saggy and wrinkled skin on your knees. Expect a long-lasting skin uplift and erosion of unflattering cellulite bulges with our FDA-approved radiofrequency treatments in these leg joints. THERMATIGHT Knees and MagicTone take the lead in this revolutionary treatment, while our secret hydrating CelluMelt II Mask plumps up and softens those deeply etched lines. Witness the restoration of your weathered and age-beaten knees back to their sweet, babyish sheen.

✓ THERMATIGHT Knees: penetrates deep beneath the skin for a long-lasting collagen boosting effect, resulting in a dashing array of benefits, including skin tightening, cellulite busting and knee reshaping.

✓ MagicTone: further refines the skin by softening fine lines and wrinkles.




1 session THERMATIGHT Knees + 3 sessions MagicTone


[+] THERMATIGHT Skin Tightening [+] MagicTone



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*Results may vary according to individuals.