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Red Carpet Beauty Perk-Me-Ups


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We reveal red carpet beauty secrets for a head-turning glow and an awe-inspiring figure that look absolutely effortless.

With a busy schedule and a phobia of going under the knife, are our options to beauty perfection limited to third-rate beauty salon offerings? Hold your blink. Let us draw the curtains on three celebrity-inspired shortcuts to get you looking head-to-toe spectacular – Tinseltown style.



Bra fat, bingo wings, saddlebags and muffin tops accumulate with age and are notoriously difficult to dump. But trim and taut celebrities like Naomi Watts (44) show us there’s no “The Impossible”, just mind over matter.

Red Carpet Solution: Believe it or not, even superstars have trouble spots. Coolshape is the hottest fat-loss solution that’s also the coolest. Every 60-minute fat-freezing treatment torches 20 percent of the resistant bulge without surgery or downtime. Worried about Cellulite or loose skin after? Team this up with Body Exilis Magic, which uses powerful radiofrequency waves to firm up flabby parts. A lithe, toned frame for your form-fitting frock is well within reach!

You know what the wardrobe guys say, “Shrink the unwanted bulges and your breasts look bigger.” Now, that’s an alluring bonus. Recommended program: Supermodel BodyFit by SW1 Clinic.

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Red carper lifting facials such as 24K Uplift are the facial du jour for celebs

Celebrities and urbanites have some things in common. Time-strapped and also probably, sleep-deprived. Yet how do they look stunningly fresh-faced and ever ready to shine like Gal Gadot (32)?

Red Carpet Solution: A cult favourite amongst A-listers, 24K Uplift facial is a star-tested pre-party complexion booster for tired, sagging skin. This quick pick-me-up solution involves using the latest HIFU technology sans scalpel to enhance your glow.

Bring your radiance to the next level with gold masks and vitamin-infusing aquadermabrasion. The facial follows through with the ultrasound powered Sygma Lift which tones and tightens stressed, sapped skin. The result? A show-stopping luminous lift that’s poised for accolades and wows.

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Non-invasive lifting options such as Trinity Facelift shows clinical lifting improvements

Halle Berry, 51, is living proof that age is but a number. She has these chiseled cheeks, enviably sharp jawline and soft, lineless skin that makes her look nary a day past 30! While genes and living healthy definitely help, advancements in medical science now allow almost anyone to defy the laws of gravity and time depredation.

Red Carpet Solution: If you’re still fretting over that looming year-end class reunion, the Trinity Facelift is the quick answer for you. As a result of employing a combination of Thermage skin-tightening and Ulthera non-surgical lifting technology, skin’s suppleness is restored and contours are sculpted in just one treatment.

Baby Drop Fillers are the perfect finishing touch to get you Instagram-ready in any light. Ultra-fine hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin through micro-needles to smooth residual lines. Undereye hollows can also be lifted and skin can even be imparted a dewy glow so you make a dazzling entrance! No wonder they’re a well-loved backstage secret.


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