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Chest Perfect – Treatments to rejuvenate your decolletage


Chest Perfect - Treatments to rejuvenate your decolletage


The skin on our chest, like our faces, are prone to sun damage and aging. Yes, those years of basking in the sun are finally catching up with you. Wrinkles, pigmentation, and broken capillaries are some of the most common problems affecting the chest. Here are some life- savers to give your chest a much needed boost!


redcross  Fraxel Light for Brilliance

The Fraxel Light laser treatment has been a favourite of The Sloane Clinic’s patients for a long time. The laser creates precise microscopic zones of thermal injury to allow new skin to grow, banishing old, tired skin. Pigmentation, fine lines, and texture are all improved. Fraxel Light, unlike the traditional, heavier Fraxel treatment, is lighter, with less discomfort, with hardly any downtime!

Best for: Pigmentation on the chest; fine lines.


redcross  VBeam for Redness

Broken capillaries are a common problem from years of sun damage; they can make the chest look “dirty” and dull. The VBeam laser is a tried and tested, reliable laser to eliminate broken capillaries, clearing up the persistent red hue we so commonly see on the chest. The latest VBeam Perfecta offers even more: it improves skin texture and pigmentation as well, with minimal downtime.

Best for: Broken capillaries, “red” skin


redcross  Revitalift for Glowing, Youthful Skin

Using micro-droplets of a soft, hyaluronic acid filler, which draws water to the skin up to 200 times its weight! The result – Revitalift is almost like introducing  pure water into tired, ageing skin, plumbing it up, restoring its youthful glory.

Best for: Tired, dry, dull skin on the chest


redcross  Ultherapy for Deep Lifting

Ulthera is wonderful for lifting saggy skin, defining contours on the face for many years now. Recently, Ulthera was FDA approved for the treatment of the décolletage area – expanding its lifting prowess to now include the chest! Fractionated, precise deposits of high-intensity ultrasound energy into the skin’s deepest structures allow rejuvenation from within, improving fine lines and deep wrinkles, and lifting the area never before possible with conventional non-invasive treatments.

Best for: Saggy skin, Deep wrinkles.


Fraxel Light, Revitalift, and Ultherapy are all available at The Sloane Clinic. Call 65098108 for more details on these treatments, and to make an appointment.