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Can you reverse hair loss?


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Hair loss is one those things that happen more commonly than you think. Anyone from males to females, young and old can be affected by hair loss.

This is commonly characterised by gradual thinning of the hair; in men the hairline recedes on the forehead whereas for women it would be a more noticeable parting of the hair. Hormonal changes like pregnancy, ageing and even stress can all result in hair loss or hair thinning.

If you’re looking to slow down hair loss and thicken your tresses, there are medically-approved options that you might like to consider.

#1 Medication

Without the need to see a doctor, there are over the counter medication you can purchase to help with hair loss.  Minoxidil is medically proven to slow the rate of hair loss and / or help with hair regrowth. Minoxidil usually comes in the form of liquid, foam and shampoo and can be easily applied to scalp to treat hair loss at its root, literally.

It will take around 6 months to notice improvement to your hair loss when using minoxidil so patience and consistency is key here.

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#2 Lasers

There are low-level lasers approved by FDA for the use on scalp to stop hair loss and increase hair density all at the same time. These treatments are painless and almost like a trip to the hair salon where you sit in a chair, with a machine rotating 180 degrees around your scalp. This helps to emit cool laser energy to the treated area to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result, this encourages dormant hair follicles to enter the active growth phase, while also regenerating hair shafts that are thicker and fuller.

#3 Hair transplant

When hair loss is permanent where only the top portion of the head is affected. The doctor will take hair from the other parts of your head, restoring your crowning glory.

During the procedure, the doctor will remove hair from a part of the scalp that still has healthy hair on it, removing several hairs or even strips of skin containing hair groupings to be placed on the bald spot. This is a day procedure without the need for hospitalisation. Sedation is offered to the patient to make the entire procedure more comfortable. This is a good option to consider for the short run but if hair loss runs in your family, it’s important to note this is not going to be a permanent solution, as this type of hair loss will still occur regardless.

It can take anywhere from six months to a year to appreciate the full results of hair transplant surgery.


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