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Invest in these treatments for a (natural) younger looking you


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If you think dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are the only options for looking younger, think again. These days, there are definitely more options out there that can help you look younger without going under the knife. Here are our top picks.

Invest in these treatments for a younger looking you

Youth Preserve

If you love hyaluronic acid as an ingredient and what it can do for you, you’d surely love Youth Preserve starring Profhilo. Not exactly new, this treatment has been making headlines for its ability to stimulate your skin’s restructuring and rebuilding processes to give you younger looking skin naturally over time. Added bonus? Skin radiance and glow you can’t say no to.

This is a fairly straightforward procedure, with hyaluronic acid injected into 5 points on each side of your face. Given time, the product spreads evenly and stimulate collagen production, reversing the aging process in the months that follow.

Best of all, there’s no downtime and for some, you don’t even need any numbing cream for this treatment. It could be as quick as a 15 minute procedure and you’re ready to be on your way for your next appointment.


As we age, it’s inevitable that weakened tissue exacerbates the appearance of loose skin. For those wondering where their defined and taut jawlines have gone to, there is hope yet to restore definition in the lower region of your face.

The Infinity Instalift is a threadlift procedure that is customised to your face and its complementary features to create results that are not only natural but also long-lasting. Best of all, because this treatment doesn’t require any surgery, there is no downtime and results are almost immediately noticeable, although some mild swelling and bruising can be expected.


SylfirmX, the latest version of Sylfirm, is the newest technology using gold microneedles to treat melasma, acne scars and skin laxity.

If any or a combination of these skin concerns are keeping you up at night, SylfirmX could just be your next BFF because this treatment can be customised to treat specific skin concerns with its ability to reach the desired depth to treat abnormal vessels responsible for these issues in the first place.

Each treatment session is approximately an hour and with the use of numbing cream applied to the skin prior, is a very comfortable procedure. You may feel some prickling sensations but these are very tolerable and again, this is a treatment without any downtime so you can be out and about the minute you leave the clinic.


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