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Who knew weight loss could be as easy as this?

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At some point, we’ve probably put our body through the mill with a calorie-deficient diet and arduous workouts in the hopes of losing some extra pounds. Sometimes we are met with success, and other times, we succumb to our environment and lifestyle choices (bubble tea much?) and the uphill battle with weight loss just seems more onerous.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to look for ways to work smart and not work hard, and this phrase never rang truer when it comes to weight loss. And guess what, these medically-backed methods could be just the very thing to set your path straight on your weight loss journey.

The Skinny Jab

The Skinny Jab using Saxenda is an FDA-approved injectable medicine that mimics our body’s natural hormone that is responsible for regulating hunger. This helps you to reduce your calorie intake without any feelings of hunger pangs.

Your doctor will suggest a few areas where you can inject the dose on yourself on a daily basis, and teach you how to do so. The injection is generally painless as the needle is very fine. You can choose any time of the day to inject yourself but it’s recommended that you inject yourself at the same time every day.

Follow a low calorie meal plan of approximately 1500 calories per day and complement this with at least 120 minutes of minimal to moderate exercise per week. Walking, jogging and stationery cycling are all great options to get you on the right track to lose weight.


Banish unwanted fat from your body and sculpt your body to a leaner, toner self with the help of CoolShape. CoolShape is not new when it comes to body sculpting options, and there’s good reason why it’s maintained its popularity all this time.

Coolshape uses an applicator to target and remove fat cells on the treatment areas on the body. The applicator helps to reduce the temperature of the treatment area to the right coldness to selectively target the fat cells in that area.

The body then responds by disposing the broken down fat cells, resulting in a reduction of the treated fat bulge, also affectionately known as “love handles” or “muffin top”. The whole procedure takes between 1 to 2 hours per session and give it about 2 months after treatment for the results to show.

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

Looking for a little definition but no matter what you do, those defined abs just seem to elude you? If you’re generally already in good shape and wouldn’t mind a little boost to get your bod from meh to oomph, the Magnetic Muscle Sculpting (MMS)treatment could be just that.

The latest Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) used in MMS helps to improve the tone of treated muscles by using magnetic waves which are able to reach deep muscle groups that are not accessible by electrical muscle stimulation which predominantly work only on the surface, for enhanced treatment areas for improved results.

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting can be used to sculpt and define abdominal muscles, tone your buttocks and even condition and improve pelvic floor strength.


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