5 Cosmetic #Tweakments that Are Going to Take the World By Storm in 2020

5 Cosmetic #Tweakments that Are Going to Take the World By Storm in 2020


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Have you caught onto the tweakment trend yet? Tweakments are subtle changes that make room for big improvements and taking very little of your time. As we get increasingly time poor and are looking to keep up with our beauty routines, tweakments are the perfect solution to a range of skin and body troubles. 

From fillers to thread lifts, make way for these top cosmetic treatments that are set to soar in 2020: 


Non-Surgical Face Lifts


Looking for a way to lift your face without going under the knife, and without missing that high profile budget meeting? Say hello to HIFU, a non-surgical that takes just an hour of your lunch time, giving you improved texture, tightening and lifting effects. HIFU or High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound delivers  heat energy to the skin and helps renew its collagen. This treatment is ideal for patients seeking the much coveted V-Shaped face, and reduction of double chin. It’s also not as dramatic, so be rest assured that the effects will kick in slowly – no real surprises after you head back from your lunch break! 

Muscle Sculpting



Body sculpting procedures are going to be BIG this year! With Muscle Sculpting, increasingly becoming the choice procedure for those looking to get closer to a six-pack or tight glutes, this technology-driven tweakment is firmly here to stay. 

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting uses the latest Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) to improve the tone of treated muscles and get you closer to your goal. No downtime or discomfort, or direct contact with the skin needed (you can keep your clothes on!), the treatment only needs 15-30 minutes per area, per session. What’s more, there’s no sweat and no movement needed, at all! Back to the office or your social commitments, without so much as a sweaty brow in sight. 

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Profhilo is the latest filler treatment that is making waves (and huge ones!) around the world. A skin remodeling treatment that is specially designed for individuals with aging skin, Profhilo is a non-invasive and quick filler that works as skin care rather than an aesthetic enhancer. When injected, hyaluronic acid is slowly released to stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen – resulting in plumper, firmer skin.

Is this a tweakment for you? Profhilo is generally advised for patients whose objective is to treat aging skin, but not add volume to their face. If all you want is hydration with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance, this one’s for you!


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Botox for everything



It may sound like old news, but Botox is not going away anytime soon! From Baby Botox, NewTox to Brotox, you will be bombarded with various versions of this anti ageing filler throughout the year. And while it is a well established tool for achieving smoothened-out skin, its ability to correct many other ailments is what will continue to keep it in the news. From helping with teeth grinding to managing migraines the uses of Botox go well beyond the region of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Long before it was approved for cosmetic use Botox had an established 10 year safety data for the treatment of ophthalmic disorders. Sweaty palms? If you hate the way you sweat, don’t shy away from discussing it with your dermatologist. Botox injections are a great tool for managing sweaty underarms and palms. Just ask your doctor and you’ll be surprised by how many ways a Botox injectable can improve your life.

Non-Surgical Hair Rejuvenation



Whether it’s stress related or in your genes, chances are that you are suffering from some form of hair loss and wondering what to do about it. And with scalp issues becoming a generational problem, clinical treatments that can non-surgically enhance hair and scalp, will continue to pick up power in the year to come. Revage 670 Laser, is an FDA-approved low-level laser therapy that utilizes Rotational PhotoTherapy (RPT) to rejuvenate thinning hair on both men and women.

The Revage 670 Laser emits painless cool laser energy to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles just beneath areas of thinning or balding scalp. The enhanced blood flow stimulates dormant hair follicles into the active growth phase, and encourages cellular regeneration for thicker and more durable hair shafts.

Should you be looking at a targeted blast of scientifically selected nutrients to help support a healthy growth of hair, Revitascalp could be the answer to your troubles. But, if you are after a safe and effective technique that combats alopecia and other hair loss problems, Kera-Clone is increasingly becoming the tweakment of choice!

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