Baby vs. Brotox: The Different Types of Botox and What Suits You Most

Baby vs. Brotox: The Different Types of Botox and What Suits You Most


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Are you coming to grips with the fact that there’s no escaping Botox. This all encompassing power drug has shown to have many benefits, going well beyond just skincare. Long before it was approved for cosmetic use Botox had an established 10 year safety data for the treatment of ophthalmic disorders. Other than being the choice of treatment for those seeking wrinkle-free skin, Botox is used to treat a number of adult conditions such as migraine headaches, teeth grinding, excessive sweating and spasticity.

With every passing year, the use of Botox for skincare has also grown and diversified. You’ll often be met with new terms such as Baby Botox, Brotox, Newtox and similar. But what type is meant for who and is it right for you? This quick overview will help you choose exactly which Botox to go for and the results to expect.

Baby Botox or Micro-Botox

Baby Botox or Micro-Botox is an injectable trend that is only going to grow! The art of using tiny amounts of Botox on skin to tighten pores, naturally reduce wrinkles and oil production, Baby Botox is the ideal option for those just looking to try out Botox. Promising subtle changes, Micro Botox helps modulate those muscles in your face without the tell-tale signs of a big dose – aka the frozen face. The chosen path for millenials, as a preventive anti-ageing tool Baby Botox is the way to go should you be looking to control your muscles slowly, and stop the formation of fine and frown lines over time. 

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Botox isn’t just for the ladies! One of the most popular treatments done by men at a cosmetologist’s clinic, Botox helps men look good as they age and takes care of signs that come with a high-pressure job. Frown lines, especially in the center of the forehead are the number 1 spot men want to correct. Deep furrows between the brows along with crow’s feet can give the impression of looking older, angry or continuously serious. Men are looking to counter these expressions, appear younger and more presentable at the workplace.

Are you a candidate for Brotox? As with any cosmetic injectable, the answer lies with a trusted doctor. 


Want to meet the newest baby on the block? NewTox or Jeuveau is the latest neurotoxin injectible on the market that is promising incredible results. After the US FDA approved it for the treatment of glabellar lines(lines between the brows), doctors around the world are feeling optimistic about its use vs. traditional Botox. 

If you have been a long term user of Botox, you may find that your muscles are becoming resistant to it over time. In such cases, doctors are recommending the use of Jeuveau as it seems to work better for muscles that have been weakened with frequent use of traditional Botox. It is also fast acting and a great tool to see near-immediate results with a consistent difference. Remember though that Jeuveau is still very new so while it’s well worth the conversation with your dermatologist, let a doctor decide what works for you

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Sweaty scalps rejoice! Botox is an excellent tool to stopping perspiration of the scalp – also called BlowTox. When our scalp sweats (especially in the tropical climate we live in), hair feels limp and lifeless. With BlowTox, you can make your blow dries last longer and get to keep that hairstyle in spite of the high humidity around you. 

With Botox being used regularly for the prevention of sweaty palms and underarms, there’s no reason why sweaty scalps can’t benefit from the drug. It’s worth noting though that the scalp is quite a large area to cover and could potentially be an expensive procedure to undertake. Is it worth a longer lasting Blow-out? That’s for you to decide!

Chea-tox or Cheap Botox

With Botox becoming a popular drug of use, there are several tempting Groupon-like promotions that are looking to attract customers. Various versions of the drug, including Chinese recipes, snake venom and local formulations may promise a world of benefits at a much lower cost, but with any injectable steer clear of bargains. Botox is a medical-grade drug with serious side effects if not administered properly – so choosing a doctor, who is equipped at managing any after effects of a reaction should be the number 1 priority for users. Low prices and cheaper versions of Botox, not so much. 

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