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Why Motiva breast implants are better


Motiva breast implants are the 6th generation breast implants. Likened to the latest iPhone model, the most advanced technology, to date, are integrated into this latest generation of implants. The innovative features built into a Motiva Implant makes it superior to implants in the earlier generations, in terms of implant feel, aesthetics and, most importantly, safety. Only a selected handful of top plastic surgeons are accredited to use Motiva Implants in Singapore, making Motiva implants a truly premium breast implant used here at SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic. Here are some features of Motiva implants which make it one of the finest breast implants in the market:


A Better Shape

An “ideal” breast shape has a straight, or slightly full upper slope and an elegant rounded lower curve (teardrop shape). The ProgressiveGel UltimaTM technology found within each Motiva Ergonomix implant closely simulates the natural dynamic breast shape in real life – teardrop when the body is upright and round when lying down.

Why Motiva breast implants are better

A Better Implant Surface

The implant surface determines how well the implant integrate with the body (biointegration). A smooth implant integrates less with the body than a rough / textured surface. Although it has better biointegration, rare reports of Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) after textured implants have turned many surgeons and patients away from textured surface implants. Motiva’s SmoothSilk®, although smooth by definition, it does have a nano level of texturing to aid biointegration and yet to date, has very low incidence of capsular contracture and no occurrences of BIA-ALCL.


A Better Gel

The contents of an implant should ideally give the most natural look, feel AND movement. With Motiva implants, there is the choice of the firmer ProgressiveGelTM to give a fuller breast shape, or the more fluid ProgressiveGel UltimaTM in the Ergonomix range, that mimics the breast tissue more realistically.


A Better Shell

Having a strong shell is crucial to minimize implant rupture and leakage. On top of an obvious implant tear that happens after surgery, it is not easy to detect minute breaches in the shell due to manufacturing defects before  the implant is placed in the body. This can lead to silicone gel diffusion, risking capsular contracture. The Motiva BluSeal® indicator is an ingenious way to detect shell compromise easily and gives assurance that the barrier layer of each implant is fully intact.


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