What if I told you there’s a correlation between plasma television and a flawless complexion?

What if I told you there’s a correlation between plasma television and a flawless complexion?


The link between plasma TV and flawless complexion

The omni-relevant adage of “not judging a book by its cover” is fast losing its place amongst the echelons of wise words, thanks to our unquenchable thirst of having to upload everything on the world wide web.

Our days play out to all-seeing eyes like a slideshow with our Instastories, and just like that – face value is suddenly everything.

How is everyone judging you by your cover?

Let’s Face It

It’s quite the chore to keep our skin in tip-top condition, given the climatic and pollutive state of most Asian countries. Couple that with the fact that the days seem to be just flying by us. Sometimes it even feels like we’re aging two years at a time.

Unless you’re extremely blessed with good genes and formidable pores, the odds are pretty much stacked against you.

When topical creams start to struggle to keep up with the accelerated deterioration of your skin, you might want to start looking for alternative solutions.

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What’s the Matter?

When I talked about alternative solutions, I’m did not exactly mean the conventional facial, the token laser treatment, or your so-called “miracle” serum.  These options might work to a certain degree, but they’re really anything but miraculous. What you really need, could literally be right in front of you – if you’re sitting on the couch of your living room, that is.

Wait, The Thing We Have in Our TVs?

Yup, your alternative solution lies in THAT plasma you can find in your television sets.

One of the least known facts about plasma is that it is known in scientific circles as the “fourth state” of matter, right after the solids, liquids and gases, but its prowess is grossly undermined, as most people are ignorant of how it’s being utilized.

I could go on about why we need plasma in our television sets, but I’ll spare you the yawn-inducing details.

What you really might like to know, is how plasma is being utilized in the beauty and aesthetic industry.

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Cutting-Edge, With an Ironic Twist

I might deem aesthetic plasma treatments cutting-edge for the fact that they really are, but here’s the irony: they do not cut at all. All plasma procedures are non-ablative.

Subjecting your skin to plasma treatment can repair the damaged tissues on your skin, but they do not cause any vaporization or charring during the process. This is welcome news for anyone who has a low threshold for pain (me).

Treatments like the Neogen Plasma convert nitrogen gases into plasma energy, which heats up deep skin tissue with great precision, doing away with expired collagen and elastin repositories, and stimulating the regeneration of fresh batches of collagen and elastin.

All you will feel throughout the procedure will be a warm sensation, made even more bearable by the introduction of numbing agents.

At a more subdued energy level, this 30-min procedure works woders on enlarged pores, wrinkles, crow’s feet and stretch marks. An higher dosage of plasma can prominently improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, acne-scarring, skin discolouration, and deep wrinkles.

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Putting a Lid On It

Another one of the coveted strengths of plasma treatments is that fact that it is very safe to use around the eye, where aging can be the most conspicuous.

The first signs of aging actually begins from around your eyes, and the likes of eye circles, eye bags and fine lines can easily pile make you look a decade older.

While laser treatments run the risk of blinding a patient due to their intensity, plasma treatments like Neogen Plasma pose zero threat to your vision, and can be used to tighten and lift saggy or textured areas around the eyes.

Ladies with smaller and more hooded eyes that appear to look lethargic and jaded are perfect for a dosage of plasma energy, for a fresher and more exuberant appearance. 

Hot and Cold Treatment

If you’re not feeling so hot about the warm treatment of the Neogen Plasma, the Cold Plasma Facial is another option at your disposal, depending on which end of the temperature spectrum you’re more tolerant with.

The best of both worlds and flawless skin… all in 30 brief minutes.

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