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The End of Disparity in Vanity


Long gone are the days where women were the only vain ones amongst the human species, staring into the mirror for hours on end, to simply decide what color to put on.

While few men are still happy purely with the fact that the clothes they put on for the day don’t smell, many have turned to bettering their grooming regime and taking notes on what they apply on their face and hair, swiftly leveling the once apparent gap in vanity between both sexes.

Just as powerful as Feminism these days, Vanity Equality is a term on the use and rise.

Mirror Image

Most recently, market research has shown that body image and grooming are amongst the top three agendas when determining life satisfaction.

Just behind financial satisfaction (first in place), the study concludes that men are equally as image-conscious as women – they also have a shorter list.

Forbes has also shown that men skincare products sales had surged a whopping 11% from 2017 through 2018, with the male grooming market expecting to hit US$78.6 billion by 2023 (just on products).

His Demands are on the Rise

It wasn’t until most recently, the male market was limited to boring products like shaving creams, deodorants, and shampoos. However, with the rising beauty trends, newly minted for-him products have stepped into the limelight and decorated the market, think moisturizers, bronzers, face masks, and an unending number of anti-ageing products that is being launched everyday in the market.

Beauty empires like Clinique and Neutrogena have acted as first movers into the market, swiftly introducing a series that were made for him. Even French Global Fashion house Chanel has recently announced Boy de Chanel this February, a line to further empower make-up for men.

Also, the once female centric offerings like facials, aesthetic treatments including laser and scalp therapies have also been given a new coat of paint and reintroduced to the growing demand for the male market that is on a rise.

Here are some of the latest products and beauty treatments;

His and Hers

For Her:

Clean Slate

Clear skin is always in, so just by having it already means you are a winner baby.

This twin facial program works alternatively to shrink pores and purify skin.

Deep Deep Clean

uses ultrasonic waves to deeply cleanse your pores from deep down, including a crystal microdermabrasion that will help keep any breakouts at bay.

Clear Blue

uses a 5-step process to clarify the skin. Blue light therapy is used to shatter bacterial build up and shrink pores, before you are ended off with an acne collagen mask to calm down the skin from all that workout.

A best-selling product from Clinique, Stay Matte Hydrator purposefully hydrates the skin while controlling sebum production. It’s oil-free formula helps curb oil and shine for up to 8 hours. Nothing but just happy skin.

For Him:

Relative newer, this product from the Clinique-for-men range promises to control oil secretion equally well, extending a matte and shine-free look. Perfect for a long day out, skin strength is improved over time.

Nothing is ever effortless, even high-powered players in the boardroom will need all the support they can get. The Boardroom program tackles hair loss (Revage 670) and skin concerns (Fraxel light) to deliver glowing results in just 50 minutes* because we know how important time is.

Comes complete with our in-house espresso, Caf or Decaf.

For Them:

A facial? Sounds good.

A bespoke facial that is customizable to your every specific need? Even better!

Facial Cocktails is the ultimate bespoke facial that not only blurs gender specifications but takes away stereotypical borders that surrounds it.

Designed to resemble an inviting cocktail bar with an affluent setting, SW1’s newest clinic at OUE Downtown provides facial cocktails that are faceted and purposeful in conquering any concerns. Sessions also run from an hour, giving even the tightest schedule a chance at skin redemption.

Get your male partner(s) to accompany you to try SW1’s facial cocktail today, and promptly turn their resistance into insistence for the next facial treatment.

Now tell me who’s dominating the word vain again?

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