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Top tips for a toned body without trying (too hard)


These days, the ideal body is one that is strong and toned. Gone are the days of aspiring to be skinny. Besides sticking to a strict workout routine, these top tips will help you achieve the strong, lean, healthy body you are after.

Top tips for a toned body without trying (too hard)

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Tip #1 Have a great meal plan

Working out alone is not enough to get your body to where you want it to be. What you put into your body also counts. Be discerning with your diet, to be sure to consume a healthy proportion of protein, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins. A diet high in sodium, sugar and fat is not only unhealthy, it will stop you from achieving your body goal.

One way to ensure you’re eating healthy is to prepare your meals in advance. This reduces the likelihood of you reaching for the bag of chips when you’re hungry knowing you have a healthy meal waiting for you.

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Tip #2 Vary your workout routine

Doing the same activity all the time means your body will get used to it, burning lesser calories despite putting in the same effort into the exercise. Varying your workout routine will help to stimulate different muscle groups, challenging your body to work harder and burning more calories.

As much as possible, try to get in these four types of exercises – endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. If you like to run, why not also incorporate yoga or Pilates in some days of the week to work on your balance and flexibility.

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Tip #3 Pick fashionable workout gear

As superficial as this sounds, shopping for new workout gear could give you just that little more motivation to go to the gym or work a little harder when you’re there. Plus the more you work out, the better you’ll look in your gear. This is a definite win-win if you ask me. Just be sure to get activewear that only looks good, but performs well for the activity you’re wearing it for.

Tip #4 Get a little help

For those who have already lost the weight but are still having trouble getting the six-pack to show up, a trip to an aesthetic doctor’s clinic might help. Magnetic Muscle Stimulation(MMS) is an in-clinic body treatment using functional magnetic stimulation to directly activate motor neurons resulting in muscle contraction. Done over several sessions, MMS could help to accelerate your six-pack creation.

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