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Here’s what you need to know before getting a Thread Lift


Thread lift procedures have risen in popularity in recent years, touted as the non-invasive facelift. A thread lift uses a barbed suture to lift and hold your face tight, hence the facelift effect.

Here’s what you need to know before getting a Thread Lift

Who would benefit from a thread lift?

A suitable candidate for this procedure is someone in their late 30s and early 50s who has started to notice the signs of aging and would benefit from the subtle lift offered by thread lifts. This is also an ideal option for those who can’t have a surgical facelift due to medical conditions that could make general anesthesia risky.

Where on the face can you get thread lifts done?

Thread lifts are fairly versatile and can done on the forehead, jowls, undereye area, eyebrow and even the nose. With this procedure, anesthesia is not required and there’s no downtime. Recovery is easy and any pin prick marks can be easily covered with makeup.

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How does a thread lift work?

A thread lift procedure is very straightforward. Thin, dissolvable sutures are inserted under the skin and the doctor will pull these tight, reducing the appearance of saggy and loose skin.

The barbs found on these suture work by gripping onto the underlying tissue and muscles as the threads are pulled tight. The barbed threads also trigger a healing response – this stimulates collagen production and results in a more supple, youthful appearance.

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What to expect after a thread lift?

After a thread lift procedure, it’s not uncommon to experience some bruising, swelling, bleeding and slight pain on the site of the thread injection. These will all go away after a few days.

Results are immediately noticeable after the procedure with further improvements as any form of bruising or swelling start to subside.

As with other non-invasive treatments, the results from thread lifts aren’t permanent and will typically last from 1 to 3 years.

While you can safely resume your normal activities after your thread lift procedure, you may be advised not to rub your face vigorously and to avoid sleeping on your side for the following couple of weeks.

Be sure to do your research to find a suitable and experienced doctor to perform this procedure for you. In the right hands, you can be assured of optimal results from the threads.

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