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Top 3 tips to make your Fillers last longer


Most of us look to fillers as a solution to lines and wrinkles and for areas which have lost volume as we age, such as our lips, cheeks and temples. Fillers are a great option to help one replace volume while enhancing your facial features. As a bonus side effect, your skin is plumper and looks more radiant thanks to ingredient used in fillers, hyaluronic acid.

Top 3 tips to make your Fillers last longer

Depending on the filler used, a touch up every 6 to 12 months is required to maintain the benefits – fillers aren’t permanent because they are metabolized by your body.

After spending a small fortune on fillers, it’s no surprise our next question is how can we prolong the effects of the treatment before having to head back to the doctor’s office again.

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  1. SPF all day. Every day.

In case you don’t already know, sun damage causes premature aging. Wearing sunscreen is the easiest way to keep your skin well protected and to minimize the effects of sun damage. Wearing sunscreen can also prevent certain types of fillers from breaking down more quickly, and helps in prolonging the effects of your filler.

  1. Good skincare regime

Continue to be diligent with your skincare and take extra good care of your skin if you are keen to extend the benefits of fillers. It’s been observed that those who take good care of your skin, such as using high quality medical-grade skincare products and drinking plenty of water are helpful in prolonging the effects of your filler treatment.

  1. Minimise your stress

We are probably aware of the negative effects stress has on our physical and mental wellbeing. But did you know the extra hormones that your body produces when you’re stressed can result in your filler breaking down more quicky?

While it’s inevitable to completely eradicate stress from our lives, it would help to take stock of what’s important and let go of the unnecessary stress.



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