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The Laser Lift


The skincare market is full of different ways to lift sagging skin on one’s face. From creams and serums to bizarre skincare hacks, we’ve seen it all. But do these treatments actually work? The results are questionable, and definitely not long-lasting. For this reason, many people choose to simply live with their sagging skin, as they believe there is no real way of fixing it.

The Laser Lift

Little do they know however, that with the advancement of technology, there are actually real, effective ways of lifting one’s skin. One of these ways would be a face-lift. However, many people are apprehensive of having such an invasive surgery.

If you’re one of those people who would rather steer clear of a face-lift surgery, you’re in luck. There are other non-invasive ways of getting an effective lift that lasts a pretty long time! Skin lasers are the golden example of effective non-invasive lifting procedures. Unlike topical skincare products that only affect the surface layers of your skin, lasers affect the top and much deeper layers of your skin and its tissue. Because of this property, skin lasers produce results of longevity.

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Another perk of the skin laser treatment is that any type of skin can be treated, as there is a wide range of skin lasers available, and laser procedures are quite painless. Additionally, not only can lasers be used to treat sagging skin, but it can also be used to treat some of your other skin concerns! So, here are a couple of different laser treatments that target saggy skin and more!

For Sagging and Dull Skin: Forever Young BBL

Not only does this laser lift sagging skin, but it also helps to refresh and brighten your complexion and reduces the appearance of blemishes.

Forever Young BBL emits light energy into the deeper layers of your skin by intense pulsed light, increasing your skin’s defence against the aging process. The most incredible property of this laser is that it is the only laser that affects the expression of genes involved in the aging process, and actually enhances your complexion and skin on a biological level!

For Specific Fragile areas (e.g. eyelids or eyebags): Neogen Plasma

There are a couple of parts of your body that has delicate skin, such as the area around your eyes. For such cases, NeoGen is very safe and precise, with settings that can be changed according to each person’s needs. Even delicate areas of your skin such as your eyes area will be well taken care of with NeoGen Plasma Eyelift.

The treatment helps to lift sagging skin, and smoothen out your skin’s texture and tone through plasma energy. This energy is harnessed by changing inert nitrogen gas to its highly energized form, and used to promote heating and balanced energy absorption in deeper tissues without harming any superficial layers of skin. Resultantly, your skin’s stores of collagen and elastin will be filled again, and your skin will look younger and more lifted!

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For Sagging and Oily/Blemished skin: Light Lift

Besides its lifting effects, this laser will also reduce the appearance of your pores, wrinkles, spider veins and other blemishes.

Light Lift is heavily based on the CoolView laser, which promotes the generation of collagen and repairs skin in the deeper tissues of your skin without harming its surface layer. Additionally, it is also useful in regulating the level of oiliness of your skin by targeting your oil glands. Overall, your skin will look younger, and have a fresh glow without the oiliness!

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