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How new age injections do more than just reduce lines


I don’t know about you but I’d told myself that when I was older, I would have a beauty fund set aside for myself to treat lines and wrinkles, to hold the years at bay and from showing on my face. Fillers and botox would definitely be the go-to solutions. At least that was what I thought then.

How new age injections do more than just reduce lines

It may be true that fillers and botox are still very popular treatments to treat line in the 21st century, but what if I told you there are injections that go beyond reducing lines?

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Youth Savant

So named for its ability to turn back the clock and repair aging DNA, Youth Savant requires a doctor to administer a series of microinjections of key ingredient, PDRN, Polydexoyribonucleotide, derived from purified and sterilised salmon sperm, it targets the root cause of ageing. Studies have shown that PDRN possesses several benefits and when applied onto the skin can have a rejuvenative and anti-aging effect.

It has been shown that patients who regularly undergo Youth Savant therapies notice a brightening and whitening of the skin tone. Fine lines are also diminished as skin elasticity is restored, with skin visibly more dewy and luminous.

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Micro Refine

Many people associate botox with frozen and expressionless faces but it has been shown that when used in tiny amounts all over the face, not only are wrinkles diminished, skin appears more supple and radiant. Micro Refine works by shrinking sweat glands and sebaceous glands, which lends the appearance of smooth, clear skin and without the loss of movement in major facial muscles. In a short 30-minute session with a skilled doctor, your pores will be minimised with an improvement in overall skin tone and suppleness.

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Now wouldn’t you agree that’s the kind of good news we all love to hear?


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