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Skincare Secrets You Might Already Know, But Forgotten


Better, younger skin achieved the easy way

Perfect, wrinkle-free skin is not a want but a need. Beautiful skin requires effort to maintain, it does not just come as it is. Do not ever neglect your skincare or skip a step because they may just be the crucial reason why your skin misbehaves!

Below we share with you some tried and tested methods to help you attain that long-lasting youthful look.

Skincare Secrets You Might Already Know, But Forgotten

1. Reduce the chances of inflammation from arising

Aging is believed to be partially contributed by inflammation on the skin, be it breakouts, uneven tone, wrinkles or saggy skin. By avoiding sunbathing and picking at your zits, you can greatly reduce the consequences of inflammation.

But you do not just stop there! You should have sunscreen readily available to protect your skin from further disruption from the sun. Supplements such as turmeric add as an additional barrier to keep your skin free from inflammation. On top of that, LED Red has the ability to improve inflammation by soothing and promoting skin healing.

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2. Invest in feeling good on the inside

A supplement that you should definitely be consuming if you want to achieve that younger looking, flawless skin has to be fish oil, containing the essential Omega 3. Omega 3 helps in strengthening cell membranes to ensure the skin is able to effectively absorbs nutrients, remove waste products and contain optimal water level.

With minimal skin problems surfacing, there is a higher likelihood that your skin will be able to age gracefully, showing fewer signs of skin aging.

3. Vitamin-rich products stimulate glow in the skin

As much as your body needs vitamins consumption to build up a stronger system, your skin equally needs a variety of vitamins to boost skin health. Vitamins A and B are two key ingredients that significantly contributes to anti-aging skin. Another critical vitamin, Vitamin C helps in collagen production and skin brightening.

For those struggling with committing to a fixed vitamin regime, we suggest you try out the Vitamin Therapy facial treatment where carefully selected vitamins, based on your skin needs are being infused into your skin layer for better absorption.

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4. Turn to laser for better results

To better deal with stubborn spots and pigments which refuses to go away regardless of the different types of creams you have tried, you know it is time to turn to lasers. Having the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin, lasers such as Pico Laser is effective in removing pigments retained on your skin to give you that glowy, youthful complexion. Other lasers like Fraxel Dual and SmartX are catered to individuals who wish to lighten the appearance of your acne scars and achieve a cleaner, enhanced overall look.

5. Have an early, good night rest

Investing in a healthy sleep pattern is important to ensure your skin appears more energized and clearer. The results may not be instantly observable but good, sufficient rest can go a long way. Our body and skin also require time to detox and hydrate.

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Studies have shown that clocking in more hours of sleep can greatly improve your skin complexion as the immune system will be working its function to stimulate collagen production. The benefits of just an hour more of sleep far exceed that of a tub of face cream. Younger skin starts with sleeping early every night, never belittle the huge advantage it brings!

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