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Top 3 tips for longer hair


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If you’re like me and desire balayage hair, a hair colouring technique that creates a soft natural, wavy look, then you’d fully understand my impatience at the rate my hair is growing out of a pixie cut into a long bob. Not quite sure what I mean?

Apparently balayage isn’t for everyone and by everyone, I mean everyone who doesn’t have long or long-ish hair. You see, for the effects of balayage to present its full glory, it’s recommended for hair that’s at least medium length to be able to showcase the seamless transition of one colour to the next, as if your hair’s been kissed by the sun while on your idyllic Maldives-like vacation.

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I’ll be the first to admit I’m not one of those lucky girls whose hair grows fast and furious. My tresses sure enjoy taking their time to grow out but this time I’m not leaving this to nature anymore. This is the hair trend of the century and I want it. NOW!

Invest in scalp health

It’s not just about the hair but scalp health is just as important when it comes to hair growth. Treat your hair to a blast of essential vitamins including minoxidil, folic acid and vitamin B12 all to boost scalp health while inhibiting the production of hair-hindering DHT. You win all around!

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Lasers for hair

We’ve all heard of the miraculous work lasers can do for the skin but did you know you can treat your hair to a shot of laser energy to rejuvenate thinning hair? The laser energy helps to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and encourages cellular and tissue regeneration for thicker, more durable locks.

Vitamin H

Fine there isn’t a vitamin H but hair supplements can help in boosting hair growth with minimal effort on your part. Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements are formulated with zinc and biotin which not only encourages hair growth, it also reduces hair loss.

VIviscal Hair Supplements

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