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I tried Profhilo and this is what happened


We have all heard about fillers and botox offering beauty tweakments to refresh and rejuvenate the face but have your heard of the latest injectable, Profhilo?

Promising to help you look younger and fresher but still looking you, I was intrigued with this new procedure and knew I just had to give it a try.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an injectable anti-aging treatment using Hyaluronic acid to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This not only rejuvenates and tightens the skin, it also gives skin a much needed boost and hydration (40 and 50 year old skin rejoice!)

Due to the controlled release of Prohilo, the benefits of the treatment continue long after the treatment. Profhilo can be used to treat the face, neck and even hands to retard the aging process.

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About the procedure

First my face was well cleaned by the therapists and I was offered numbing cream. I decided to do away with the numbing cream as I’m not usually squeamish and am ok with needles.

I had 10 different points of my face injected with Profhilo (5 on each side, starting just next to the ears, then on to the nasolabial line, chin, under the eyes and on the tops of cheeks). There was a slight stinging sensation each time the doctor made a prick but nothing overwhelming. This slight discomfort only lasted for a few seconds – overall I would say it was a very comfortable procedure.

The treatment was fairly quick and we were done in about 20 minutes. I left the clinic with mild pin pricks, but nothing too obvious that strangers would stop and stare.

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After the procedure

Life goes on as per normal without major disruptions. 1 week after the treatment, I noticed my face looking hydrated, healthy and (dare I say it) radiant!

It’s been more than 2 months now and perhaps because I see my face everyday in the mirror, I haven’t paid too much attention to further changes. But just the other day when I went to my hairdresser’s whom I haven’t seen in 2 months, the first thing he badgered me about was if I had anything done. He went on to gush how plump and ‘bouncy’ my skin looks and I’m not ashamed to admit this makes 41-year old me VERY happy indeed!

Will I be back for more? Definitely!


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