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Chin Fillers: The next ‘it’ aesthetic treatment to get


When we think of fillers, we usually think of them treating lines and wrinkles in the upper part of our faces. But did you know chin fillers have been gaining popularity as one of the most sought-after filler to get?

Why Chin Fillers are fast gaining popularity

Chin fillers aren’t meant to fill lines but to re-contour and redefine one’s facial features, to create a more desirable V-shape face. The chin can be a defining feature on one’s face, and with the right proportions can elevate one’s appearance and aesthetics.

We’ve rounded up 3 reasons why chin fillers are so popular.

#1 Safe and quick

Fillers provide instantaneous results with little to no downtime. The ingredient used for fillers is Hyaluronic Acid, known for its safety profile, having been used in millions of aesthetic treatments around the world.

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#2 Not permanent

As with all fillers, hyaluronic acid gets absorbed by your body over time. With fillers, results are expected to last from 6 months to 2 years, so if it’s a look you’re not pleased with, you know you don’t have to live with it for life.

And as with any other trends out there, what is deemed an aesthetically pleasing chin may change, and with fillers not being permanent, you can change the way you want your chin to look in the future without having to stick to one look.

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#3 Highly personalised

Just as no one looks the same, chin fillers are not created the same for everyone. A male patient seeking chin fillers may want a more squarish, defined chin, whereas a female patient is more likely to want a chin that is more ‘pointy’, giving the appearance of V-shape face.

Depending on the appearance you’re after, your aesthetic doctor will choose the right filler type for you in terms of firmness, and will vary his /  her injection technique to help you achieve the chin of your dreams.

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