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Can you really shrink your pores?


One of the common skin care complaint is large pores, probably sharing the same top spot with acne and aging skin. Flawless, smooth, pore-less skin is much desired and should not be a case of much to be desired.

So is there a way to cure get rid of them?

Can large pores be closed?

From the literature we’ve read in beauty magazines and on the internet, we’re led to believe pores can be closed and opened at whim. Pore size unfortunately is mostly determined by genetics, so some are blessed with small pores, while others not so.  You would also notice that people with oily skin tend to have larger pores.

Yet as unsightly as they may be, pores are important to the health of our skin. By allowing sebum to move up to the sebaceous glands, pores can help to keep skin in good functioning order. So in reality, you wouldn’t want your pores to close completely. Just having them smaller would be ideal.

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Doesn’t cold shrink pores and hot open them?

We’ve all heard this, but sorry to burst your bubble, this is a myth.

What may be true is that heat expands and dilates the pore opening slightly, so it makes the pores look larger while old offers the opposite effect; it causes the pore opening to constrict which then makes pores appear tighter and smaller.

However, both these effects are only temporary. When your skin returns to normal temperature, so does your pore size.

While heat from hot towels can’t open your pores, it can soften the plugs of oil trapped within making it for easier extraction, which is a common ‘trick’ used in facials.

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What can I do about my pores?

While there isn’t a way to permanently change your pore size, you can help them appear smaller.

One way is to exfoliate, this not only helps to get rid of the dead skin cells and oil from the pore, it also helps skin feel softer and smoother. When your pores are filled with all that gunk, it can “stretch” the pore opening and give the appearance of bigger pores.

Find a good exfoliator, be it a physical exfoliator or chemical exfoliator, they both do the job of giving your skin a deep cleaning and this is not to be skipped in your skincare routine.

For a little professional help, you can rely on a myriad of treatments that work to change the appearance of your pores. But these are our absolute favourites!

#1 Chemical Peel

Performed by a skilled aesthetic doctor, a chemical peel can be done in as little as 30 minutes with little to no downtime. Using a unique blend of skin peels, containing naturally occurring fruit acids and active cosmeceutical ingredients, skin is restored to its soft, supple complexion.

Chemical peels are loved for their affordability and the range of skin concerns they can treat in one fell swoop, ranging from pigmentation, dullness, aging skin and even rosacea.

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#2 Laser Peel

Similar to a chemical peel (and more!), a laser peel uses a deep penetrating laser energy to exfoliate the rough and damaged outer layer of dead skin cells. You’ll be pleased to see your skin in a whole new light after the treatment: younger, softer, and fairer!

This is a safe and effective treatment without any downtime way to slough off dead cells, deal with discolouration and shrink pores without the use of harsh chemicals.

#3 Botox

If you thought botox was only for treating frown lines, you’d be pleasantly surprised it does more than that these days. Micro Refine refines and rejuvenates the face by using microinjections of minute doses of Botox to diminish lines and also add a glow and suppleness to one’s complexion.

This is done by causing sweat glands and sebaceous glands to shrink, resulting in smooth clear skin without any loss of movement in major facial muscles.


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