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Make Fair Skin Fair Game Again.


Walk into any beauty outlet or pharmacy these days, and you will be greeted with various sections dedicated to skin whitening, every row boasting a host of products from various brands. The demand for fair, glowing skin is real, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Where beauty trends like tanned skin and extreme contour face-mapping have faded out (thankfully), fair skin remains one of the holy grails of beauty and wellness.

Great Ball of Fire

The one thing standing in between you and getting that porcelain skin is of course, the sun. The UV rays that the sun emit are one of the leading causes of various skin problems, with more extreme cases resulting in skin cancer. From overly dry skin that encourages the growth of wrinkles to fine lines, to excess sebum production that gives rise to enlarged pores, acne, and pigmentation. Oh, did I also mention that it can also give you a tan that does not rate at all on the beauty scale?

Tanned skin is caused by UVA radiation from the sun. When the rays hit your skin, their potency penetrates the outer layers of the skin over an extended period, triggering cells to produce melanin, a brown pigment that causes tan skin. Throw dehydration and pore-clogging perspiration into the mix, and you’re looking at more than one problem to deal with at one time.

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The Truth About Sunblock

When famed consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) conducted a test on an SPF 100 sunscreen product in the market in 5 different labs, the results were underwhelming and confusing, to say the least. The tests revealed that the human subjects only received coverage of about SPF 37 to 75, a significant deficit from the advertised SPF 100 protection.  Turns out that varying levels of UV light transmission, along with thickness of application are factors that contribute to the amount of protection you get.

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Furthermore, most topical sunblock and sunscreen products have been concluded to provide protection for up to only 2 hours, after which reapplication is required. If you’re going to be out and about in the sun the whole day, all bets of whipping out your sunscreen and rubbing it all over yourself are pretty much off.  On top of that, these products are oil-based and can easily clog pores and cause acne – another problem there. Just when you thought there’s no way to win with the sun, 3 brilliant minds of science have actually found a way to deal with the toxic of UV we’re exposed to every day – they actually won a Nobel Prize for their efforts too. The end product is Gene Therapy, a serum that contains enzymes that significantly diminishes prominent signs of photoaging by UV and environmental stressors.

These enzymes qualify as the auditors of your skin; each damaged DNA strand is identified, removed and replaced to restore the youth UV exposure and environmental factors have taken away from the skin Sometimes, the kind of protection you need from the outside works the best from the inside.
If all else fails, there are always multi-purpose, non-invasive skin whitening programs like the Porcelain Skin Program, or LED Red to restore that envy-inciting glow – giving your skin gets the fair treatment it deserves.

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