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Be A Gazelle Like Gisele – Look Even Better Than You Did, Post-Partum

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Be A Gazelle Like Gisele – Look Even Better Than You Did, Post-Partum

One really has to wonder how Gisele Bündchen does it. The once highest-paid supermodel in the world (she’s held this title for 15 whopping years) was snapped by paparazzi, runway-ready just WEEKS after giving birth to her son Benjamin. WEEKS.

Svelte figure, clear skin, glorious mane in all her curvy glory… all in less than a month. Whatever happened to all her baby weight, pallid skin, loose skin, and receding hairline?

It’s pretty common for women to lose some “quality” in their appearance after the birth of a child. It is also pretty common for women to lose faith in regaining their former figures, and just settle for being saggy.

The turnaround time to restore, or possibly even surpass your pre-pregnancy beauty might not be as quick as Gisele, but it is definitely achievable. And I know exactly how you can do that.

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It’s All In The Head

 During the course of your pregnancy, your levels of estrogen spike up beyond the usual rate, and on top of increased blood volume and circulation, your hair might even appear to be thicker than usual, because of decreased hair loss.

This changes after the delivery of your bundle of joy. Your hormonal levels will drop back to its normal rate, as will the volume of your blood.

Your body’s way of acclimatizing to the return to normalcy is to make up for the hair that is NOT lost while you were still pregnant. Your hair will fall out in clumps to hit its “hair-loss quota”.

Some simple ways to slow down the rate of your hair loss is to increase your intake of iron, protein and vitamins. Increase your intake of dark leafy greens, carrots and potatoes, and eggs and fish.

Try not to brush or style too often during this period because of the fragile state of your hair follicles, or you might actually cause more hair to fall out than usual.

A more direct approach to combat post-partum hair loss would be to undergo the Revage 670 Laser therapy. A painless procedure where cool lasers are introduced to problem areas of the scalp to stimulate blood flow and induce hair growth, this is a more clear-cut approach to get to the core of the problem.

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 Treasure (Your) Chest

Another drastic change you will experience about your post-pregnancy body will be the size of your breasts. As a newly christened bearer of milk, you will notice the increase in your bust size, and a few other changes that come along with it.

Your breasts will eventually become flushed, sore, swollen and engorged with milk for a few days after birth. Once the swelling subsides when you stop breastfeeding, you will notice that the pull of gravity has gotten the best of your breasts – they will have started to sag and deflate.

The most common way to restore the peak condition of your twins would be silicone implants, but thank goodness for technology – there is a way to perk your breasts up AND lose fat in stubborn areas at the same time.

Fat transfer techniques have been around for some time, but not since recently have these techniques been sharpened and fine-tuned for longevity.

Natural breast augmentation is a process where fat is removed from the hips, buttocks or abdomen, and injected into the breast to give it a fuller and firmer appearance. Boasting an impressive 80% fat retention rate, this fat transfer technique is one for the ages, as you enjoy your new found, au naturel bust.

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Cell-ing Yourself Short

 Cellulite by Thermage is a more direct and scientifically proven approach to tackle cellulite- infested areas on your body.

As you eat for two during the course of your pregnancy, weight gain is inevitable. Your belly gets stretched to a limit you only found to be humanely possible when expecting.

Upon the birth of your child, the restoration of your stomach to its original size and the loss of weight brings about some unsightly, unfavoured “souvenirs”.

I’m of course talking about the vey offensive c-word: cellulite. Cellulite is more prevalent in women than in men, and can become aggravated during and after pregnancy.

The ugly lumps and the pruned texture of your skin when you look in the mirror are the kind of battle scars you do not want to proudly wear on your skin.

Dietary changes and massaging of the affected areas have been known to help diminish the appearance of cellulite, but it will take a while and a lot of resolve to actually see prominent results.

Cellulite by Thermage is a more direct and scientifically proven approach to tackle cellulite- infested areas on your body. Making use of volumetric heating and radiofrequency, this procedure breaks down fatty tissues, increases metabolism, while smoothening and contouring your skin.

So there you go, I’ve got you covered from head to toe. Now go forth…and be like Gisele!

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