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Age-proof your hair with these doctor-approved tips


Age proof your hair

Did you know your hair starts aging as early as when you’re in your 30s? By the time you hit 30, the quality, texture and condition of your hair would have started to change, and if your hair is already dry or damaged, it’s likely to age even faster. Similar to taking good care of your skin with products such as a moisturiser, and staying hydrated, finding the right products and hair care routine will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy, regardless your age.

1. Eat a Hair-Healthy Diet
Sweet potatoes and carrots, rich in beta carotene, will encourage your scalp to make sebum. This prevents hair from drying out. Another essential nutrient, Vitamin B, which is easily found in eggs, beef, chicken and avocado, helps to improve your hair’s strength.

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2. Get a Regular Haircut
Having a good haircut not only maintains good hair health, it does wonders for your confidence. Find a hairstylist you can count on to give you a haircut that will create volume through layering, and when you’re at home, use a hair tonic regularly that can help with strengthening your follicles and prevents hair loss.

3. Speak to Your Doctor
Severe hair loss can be triggered by an illness or even a vitamin deficiency. It’s natural to lose around 100 hairs a day, but if you find yourself experiencing drastic hair loss, speak to your doctor to determine the cause.

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4. Try a hair-cial
Indulge in some pampering treatments that work to improve scalp’s health and hair growth. At SW1, you can choose from Revage 670 Laser that uses laser light to thicken fine, miniaturized hair, or Revitascalp, which uses a targeted blast of scientifically selected nutrients to help support the healthy growth of hair. The nutrients include Vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and clinically proven minoxidil to help inhibit the production of hair-hindering DHT, responsible for male pattern hair loss.

5. Protect Against the Sun
Just as UV rays from the sun can be harmful for our skin, too much sun exposure can also dry and weaken your hair. Do make it a priority to wear a hat when on the beach or out in the sunshine for long periods of time.

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